5 Tips You Didnt Know About Your RVLock!

RVLock products are the highest quality and the latest technology in trailer security products on the market. As a family-owned and operated small business, RVLock has been the #1 best-selling premium handle upgrade for RVers for over 10 years. 

Changing your rig’s manufacture locks to RVLock has become an essential security upgrade for RVers because it provides added convenience while camping. Whether you’ve already upgraded to an RVLock or are looking to buy one, here is a list of 5 tips you may not have known about RVLock!


Duro Rvlock rv

New Durō Keypad Upgrade

If you purchased a lock after January 2022, then your RVLock should have came preinstalled with the new RVLock Durō™ Keypad upgrade. If you purchased your lock before that date, then your lock might be in need of the upgraded Duro keypad.

If you don't want the upgrade, a replacement vinyl keypad replacement is covered in your warranty. By contacting customer service at 888-316-9899 or emailing support@rvlock.com, you will be able to receive a replacement.

If you are looking for the Durō premium upgrade, we have created a new silicone membrane that is the perfect upgrade.

The RVLock Durō™ Keypad is a premium durable keypad membrane upgrade for all existing RVLock products. The Durō Keypad is designed to better withstand the extreme weather conditions RV doors face as compared to the older vinyl membranes. This silicone membrane is installed through the inside of the lock instead of placed on the outside. There are detailed installation videos for you to follow along.

This is an upgrade you won't regret. 


silencing lock rvlock rv

Silencing Your Lock

Your RVLock is programmed with sound mechanisms. These sounds alert you of actions the lock is performing such as locking, unlocking, and different programming features. If you wish to silence your lock there is a simple step to mute these sounds. 

To silence your lock, press and hold the #1 button down for 3 seconds. Now, when typing in your code you will notice there are no sounds indicating the buttons are being pushed or when the rig is locked and unlocked. To unsilence your lock, repeat the same steps.

Please note that you should still be able to hear the locking and unlocking mechanism of the deadbolt working inside your lock. This cannot be muted and is your indication of the lock working. Also note that you will have to unsilence your lock to perform any programming method such as resetting your keypad code or programming a fob to your handle in order to hear the programming sound cues.

keyed alike rvlock rv

Keyed Alike

RVers face a huge security issue with the manufacture locks that come pre-installed on their rig. These locks are made to be opened by a master key for dealership purposes, but the master keys are easily accessible and even available on Amazon. Most of the time even your own camping neighbor’s keys could open your rig. 

This is why it is essential to upgrade your rig's locks to RVLock and avoid this security breach.

RVLock creates hundreds of unique key codes that can only be replaced by RVLock. This also gives the advantage of having all your locks keyed alike. This means that all RVLock products on your rig can be opened using only one key for your convenience.

The locks don't all have to be purchased at the same time to be keyed alike either. You can select your unique key number when purchasing new products. This allows to you to change out all your locks over time while keeping the same keycode.

Your keycode is hidden on your RVLock product so when purchasing a new product, you know what number will match the keycode to the RVLock key you already own. Time to start thinking about changing your baggage handles, key latches, and hasp bar latches to RVLock!

Bluetooth bt pro+ rvlock rv

Bluetooth Compatible

Everything has bluetooth these days, even your RVLock! Yes, your RVLock can be operated right from the convenience of your smartphone.

After the easy ten-minute installation process, the RVLock BT Pro+™ instantly allows your system to be locked and unlocked via your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone through the RVLock app. The app can be downloaded on any device that uses apps.

With a range of 100ft, that means you can unlock your rig from inside the car so you don't have to fumble any keys or fobs at the door, making your life even more convenient. RVLock BT Pro+™ makes loading and unloading your rig a breeze.

Why carry your remote when you already have your Smartphone? 


keycode rvlock rv atlas

Up To 8-Digit Code

Keyless handles make getting in and out of your rig a walk in the park. The lock comes with the standard 4-digit code of ‘1234’, but once you reprogram your lock, you can have any code combination you like.

There is a 4-digit code combination minimum, and usually people stick to the minimum because it is faster. But what people don't know is that you can program your keypad code combination to up to 8-digits! That means if you have a longer code you've memorized for something else, you can keep it the same on your RVLock without shortening it. How convenient!

You don't have to have all 8-digits either. The code combination can be 5, 6, 7, or 8-digits long depending on your preference. A longer code also allows for higher security, making it harder for people to guess your code.


We hope you enjoyed these 5 tips you didn't already know about your RVLock and thank you for being a valued customer.

See you on the road!

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RVLock™ on

Yes! The Atlas lock does come with the Durō Keypad upgrade.

RVLock™ on

To program a new code:

Here’s a link that will walks your through all the steps to program your new code : https://help.rvlock.com/hc/en-us/articles/6520642386579-Programming-A-New-Code

Peter Cain on

How do a program a longer code? I’d like to use a six digit code.thanks

Stan Goldstein on

Does the new atlas lock come with the Durō keypad membrain

RVLock™ on

Hi everyone!

Here is how to know if you have the old keypad membrane:
- The old membrane is all one piece and connected over the top of your lock, and can be removed in one piece
- The new Durō keypad is made of silicone, and the numbers are separated from each other, they cannot be removed unless unscrewing and going inside of the lock

If you have any further questions you can email us at socials@rvlock.com!

Paul Bilant on

Love the door lock

Albert Timme on

Have 2018 Thor 27b. Your options?

J. Lukawski on

Appreciate the tips and little things you might not ever know, to be used for our RV lock on our camper

Jimmy Dees on

I have these locks on everything on my camper. Best investment I ever made for my camper.

Joe on

How do I know if my RVLocks have the new keypad or not? I purchased one in 2022, and the other in late 2021. Love them!

Samuel Len Wenzel on

Please send me the information how to program my keyless entry keypad. The RV dealer who installed it for me lost the directions.

Charles Castello on

So when are you going to enhance the RVLock BT Pro+ so that it isn’t limited to a single phone? This is a disappointing limitation!

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