How to Make Your RV Bed the Most Comfortable Bed Ever

Camping has long been associated with uncomfortable nights sleeping on the ground. That’s not the case if you take the time to upgrade your RV bed, which is a no-brainer when you spend roughly a third of each day using it.

From replacing your old mattress to fitting it with the correct RV bedding, here are seven easy ways to upgrade your RV bed:


1. Get a New RV Mattress

Get a New RV Mattress

How old is your RV mattress? If your RV is more than eight years old, there’s a good chance your mattress is too. RV mattresses should be replaced every 7-10 years. If your mattress is older than that, it’s time to upgrade.

When considering an upgrade, it’s essential to be familiar with RV mattress sizes because they differ from regular mattresses. Here’s a quick breakdown: 

How to Make Your RV Bed the Most Comfortable Bed Ever

Even if your mattress isn’t that old, you can upgrade to a higher-quality mattress. Memory foam is one of the more popular materials for comfortable RV mattresses, and there are even high-end, temperature-controlled options out there these days.

Having the right RV mattress makes a world of difference. Everyone has different mattress preferences, and you need to find one that works for you. Don’t settle for what’s already in your RV.


2. Fit your Existing Mattress with an RV Mattress Topper

How to Make Your RV Bed the Most Comfortable Bed Ever

Like your mattress but don’t love it? You can add a topper to it so that it feels a little bit more comfortable. A topper is a simple addition to your RV bed and much cheaper than getting a new mattress. It can add padding or firmness to your RV, depending on your choice.

Mattress toppers can transform a reasonably comfortable bed into a seriously comfortable place to lay your head at night. A waterproof mattress pad is a great addition to RV bunks if you have kids or pets traveling with you. It’ll save your mattress from stains and smells if anyone has an accident.


3. Upgrade to RV Sheets with a Higher Thread Count

How to Make Your RV Bed the Most Comfortable Bed Ever

The sheets you sleep on are an important part of staying comfortable too. Low thread count sheets will be less comfortable, and some feel downright scratchy. A set or two of higher-quality sheets will not only be more comfortable but likely last longer, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy your comfy sheets for years to come.

You should also think about the actual material of the fitted sheet and top sheet. Soft flannel sheets are great the for the colder months. They do wonders to make the bed more comfortable, but they can also make it harder to roll out of bed to make coffee and start your day.

For the warmer months, microfiber or silk sheets will keep your sleep surface cooler. If you’re moving into an RV full-time, it’s smart to have multiple sheet sets that can be swapped out with the seasons.


4. Add a Thicker RV Comforter

How to Make Your RV Bed the Most Comfortable Bed Ever

This one is really only important if you plan on camping when it’s not hot out. During the hot months, a thick RV comforter isn’t going to do you any good, but in the fall and winter, it makes all the difference.

There’s nothing better than settling into your bed with a thick comforter and a cup of hot cocoa on a brisk fall or winter night. Camping World has all sorts of RV comforters on sale, and you can find the right one for your rig. The comforter can also add a favorable visual element to your bedroom if you pick the right pattern or design.


5. Consider a Heated Blanket

heated blanket How to Make Your RV Bed the Most Comfortable Bed Ever

Winter camping requires different considerations. Those thin sheets that feel fine throughout the rest of the year won’t cut in when outside temperatures are approaching freezing. Thicker sheets are a good first step, but you can also add a heated blanket to stay cozy throughout the night.

Many RVers like to turn their thermostat down at night to conserve propane. That’s not so fun if your bedding doesn’t keep you warm. So adding a 12-volt heated RV blanket makes your bed more comfortable and saves LP gas for when you want to crank up your RV furnace in the chilly morning hours.


6. Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

How to Make Your RV Bed the Most Comfortable Bed Ever

Many beds in RVs are positioned up against a wall. Have you ever rolled over in the night and bonked your head on the wall? What’s a good way to keep that from happening? Extra pillows.

Even if your bed is situated in the middle of the room, some extra pillows can do wonders to make you more comfortable. Use them to prop you up when watching TV or writing in bed. Side sleepers will love an extra-long body pillow to cuddle with Don’t go overboard, but everyone has their right number — their Goldilocks Zone, if you will.


7. Accentuate with a Colorful Throw Blanket

How to Make Your RV Bed the Most Comfortable Bed Ever

This is a great way to make your RV bed more comfortable when climbing in during the day without completely untucking the sheets and comforter. Just climb under a beautiful throw blanket to stay warm while you read, sip your coffee, or enjoy a quick nap.

Another benefit of a throw blanket is protecting the comforter and sheets below, especially if you take your pets on the road. Pet hair collects on the blanket, making your RV bed easier to clean. Plus, you won’t climb into an itchy bed lined with extra pet hair insulation at the end of the day.

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