RV Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity

RV Camping is a great family experience. It gives you the ability to drive down the open road, see the sites, and spend time with the ones you love. However all the prepping, packing, and constantly looking for more storage can be stressful. Here are a few RV hacks that will make you a happier camper. 


RVLock Keyless entry lock

Keyless Entry Lock

One of the best hacks for your RV is ditching your keys and upgrading to a keyless entry lock. RVLock makes locks that you can install in less than 10 minutes to make your rig more secure and convenient. It's so important to keep your loved ones and valuables safe while traveling so making this change is a no-brainer!


Shower Storage

Some people refuse to shower in their RV, leaving lots of wasted potential for storage space. Turn your shower into a makeshift closet with a couple on tension rods and cubbies. But if you prefer to utilize the luxury of your shower, you can still use it as a temporary place to put rolled up rugs, kitchen appliances, and more on travel days! Click here for more RV kitchen hacks you should be doing right now.


portable light sconces

Detachable lights for walking

These Amazon portable light sconces make life easier for everyone. Don't wake up the whole camper by flicking on all the lights just to grab a midnight snack. Simply detach the light stick from its sconce and you're free to roam without waking anyone up!


Command Strip Everything

This age-old hack is tried and true for a reason. You cannot go wrong with sticking command strips for a damage free solution to putting holes in your RV walls. Wall Decor? Hang it with Command Strips. Wall Hooks? Use Command hooks. Trying curtain rods? They have command strips for those. 


Put a ceramic tile in the center of your oven to redistribute heat evenly.

This hack sounds like a hack your grandmother heard from her grandmother. But we are here to tell you it actually works! Older campers can have older ovens that don't work like they used to, and even newer camper's ovens sometimes can have a hard time. Get the perfect cook every time with this oven hack.


rv vent cushion

Vent cushions

It can be so hard to maintain temperature in your RV. Wether it's keeping in heat somewhere cold, or cooling down the camper when it's hot, vent cushions will become a necessity in your camper. This no brainer upgrade will make a huge difference. 


Dry Erase Board

Having a dry erase board doesn't sound groundbreaking, but the amount of paper you will save will be! Writing down important information like campground name, address, spot number, phone number of the campground, and any other useful information about the site you may want to be nearby in case of an accident or emergency.


Collapsible Garbage Can

RV’s are low on storage, a large trashcan is difficult to travel with. However, using a collapsible laundry basket makes a perfect impromptu trash can that stores away easily. You can also wash these off before every travel day so that the unwanted smell doesn't travel with you. 


no slip liner for drawers and cabinets

Line Shelves with Non-Slipper Liner

Be sure to line all of your shelves with non-slip liner. It will keep your cabinets from becoming a dish ware graveyard on those bumpy road trips. 


Place a Foam Noodle Around the Awning Brace

One way to save your sanity is to protect your mind, literally. Make a slit into the side of a pool noodle and wrap it around the awning brace to avoid any unwanted head bonks and possible concussions. 


We hope you enjoy these helpful RV hacks!

See You On The Road!


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Gerty Bailey on

Can I install a keyless lock myself do I need a professional?

Randy Bray on

2 good hacks for us. Our 30 ft RV has the gas fill on the back bumper. Pulling into filling station can be a chore to precisely align the rig to the pump for filling. I installed a small side looking camera that had a 3 x4 inch color monitor in the cab. Works perfect every time we fill up. It cost about $30 in parts photos available.

Second has is to use shower for pet needs. We travel with a cat and dog we put a small table in our RV shower. Litter box goes under it, food on top. Keepsthe dog out of the cats food. Also mounted a small passage portal on the bathroom door that the cat can fit though but the dog can’t.

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