Harvest Hosts Can Help You Feel Safe While Traveling Alone

It's not a secret that RVing alone can make you feel vulnerable—especially in random parking lots off the highway. With Harvest Hosts, you can eliminate a lot of the most awkward nights, and make great memories instead. 

Is Traveling Alone a Good Idea?

Traveling alone isn’t as risky as some people will tell you, but it doesn’t mean it goes without increased precarious situations. 

Feeling Overwhelmed

A lot of solo travelers might be overburdened by the amount of moving and unfamiliar pieces that go into RVing. But with a little bit of time on the road, you’ll gain confidence, and this will eventually go away. 


Getting Lonely

Being on the road by yourself can become a little lonely. It sounds like the adventure of a lifetime, but some travelers will miss sharing this experience with others. This is a reality you might consider ahead of time. Inviting someone along for the ride, making friends on the road, or looking inward could help alleviate some of these feelings. 


Finding Yourself in Vulnerable Situations

Traveling alone can be discouraged by a lot of people. And although there is a slim chance that anything dangerous will happen, being alone can increase the chances. When traveling alone, you might feel like a target in certain situations. But there are some ways to help you avoid this feeling. 

How to Stay Safe When Traveling Alone

There are several ways to decrease the vulnerability of traveling alone. By staying aware of your surroundings, removing yourself from risky situations, and communicating with people, you’ll likely be fine. But let's look at some of the best ways to stay safe when traveling alone.


Be Aware of Your Surroundings

You need to be “bear aware” in the woods, and “creeper aware” everywhere. Traveling alone—especially as a female traveler—can bring a little extra vulnerability. Try to avoid being the only RV somewhere. Look for well-lit areas, and even security cameras in parking lots. Keep track of cell service, and avoid being distracted when entering and exiting your RV.


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Travel with a Dog

Ok, I am totally biased here because I love dogs. But so do 68% of RVers. Traveling with your favorite canine can help on multiple fronts. A good pup can help with loneliness, be a great trail companion, and help deter dangerous circumstances. A bark of a dog can be enough for a lot of potential intruders to just move on. 


Keep People Aware of Your Plans

Staying in touch with family and friends when traveling—and letting them know your plans—is always a good idea. In addition to this, you can inform campground staff and neighbors at campgrounds—who seem safe—that you are traveling alone. This helps them keep an eye out for you. 


Stay Mobile

When stopping overnight in a parking lot, rest area, or other boondocking site, make sure you stay “ready to go.” This isn’t to prevent you from sleeping, but staying ready to go allows you to remove yourself from uncertain situations quickly. Don’t get a lot of things out, make sure to keep your doors locked, and keep your keys handy—or even upgrade to keyless locks. If something doesn’t feel quite right, trust your instincts, and remove yourself from the situation.


Chose Safe Overnight Locations

One of the best things you can do is choose safe overnight locations. While Walmart, Cracker Barrel, and rest areas might be convenient, they aren’t the safest overnight locations. Also, avoid being the only RV on site. 

Safe overnight locations can be found all over North America using Harvest Hosts


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What is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts is the largest, most fun, RV camping membership in North America. It offers overnight self-contained RV camping at 4,000+ locations. You’ll get the chance to stay at some of the nicest farms, wineries, breweries, area attractions, and more without paying any camping fees. 

Harvest Hosts is also the fastest-growing travel and hospitality company in the United States. This means the 4,000+ locations will be expanding over the coming years. Giving you even more options to explore and create memories. 


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How Does Harvest Hosts Help the Solo Traveler?

There are many ways that Harvest Hosts can help the solo traveler feel safer on the road, while making great, new memories! Check out how below. 


Harvest Hosts Eliminates Sketchy Overnight Stays

This one is pretty straightforward. You have a beautiful and safe place to stay. It is not in the middle of a busy parking lot. There aren't any mischievous things happening around you. And you have someone looking out for you.


Harvest Hosts Can Help with Loneliness

As the fastest growing travel and hospitality company in North America, there are always Members on the go. This gives you plenty of people to connect with as you make memories and travel across North America. You might even receive some great advice for traveling alone from other Members.


Harvest Hosts Offers Can Help with Being Overwhelmed

As a Member of this community, you’ll gain access to a group of people who are always on the go. This means they have tricks, tips, and stories that can help you navigate your solo-traveling experiences. From the Harvest Hosts blogs, to meetups at locations, you’ll surely find yourself learning the do’s and don'ts of solo travel. 


Harvest Hosts Can Reduce Your Budget

Between the ability to avoid nightly camping fees and the discounts Members have access to, you’ll definitely save plenty of money. A Harvest Hosts All-Access membership gives you access to 7,000+ locations for one yearly fee that’s equivalent to the cost of just four nights at a typical campground. And you’ll receive discounts on things like RV locks, Costco, Jackery generators, coffee, and even other camping memberships. Traveling alone can get expensive, but Harvest Hosts helps reduce that cost.


Harvest Hosts Helps Create the Most Memorable Moments

By choosing to stay at a Harvest Hosts location, you will get so much. You’ll get a good night's rest because you know you are welcomed on these grounds. You’ll save money by staying overnight without any camping fees. And you’ll stay at some of the most beautiful locations in North America. 



What Are Harvest Hosts Locations Like?

With 4,000+ locations—7,000+ with the All-Access Plan—it is hard to say what they are like because each one is a little different. But they are all pretty amazing. There are farms, wineries, breweries, attractions, and more scattered all over North America. From Alpaca farms in New Mexico to creekside wineries in Vermont, you’ll be glad you chose your location. 


The general consensus is that Harvest Hosts locations are safe, peaceful, beautiful locations that any RVer would want to wake up to. 


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Let Harvest Hosts Help You Explore More

Harvest Hosts is here to provide Members with fun, engaging experiences for your next solo trip. So take advantage of this membership today, and go make your best memories tomorrow.

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I’ve used Harvest Hosts for two years so far and every experience was wonderful! So glad I signed up

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