Unique Ways to Make Your RV Feel More Like Home

Driving your RV off the lot doesn't make it your home, adding your own touch and style is what will turn your newest purchase into the home of your dreams. 

You now have all the amenities of home with you on the road, making you wonder how you ever settled for camping in sleeping bags. Camping is now much more enjoyable and relaxing, from curling up on a cozy living room couch, or kicking back on the outdoor patio.

It’s up to you to make your new home welcoming and feel like “you”, so whether you're a full-timer or a weekend warrior, it's time to transform your RV into your home on wheels. 


wall decor rv

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Hang Wall Decor

The best way to “spruce up” any space is by filling it with things that you love. Whether it's family photos, inspiring quotes, or memories of places you’ve traveled, these things will be constant reminders of the good in your life.

Things like command hooks, putty, and velcro will be your best friend when trying to combat the movement from driving or avoiding putting any permanent holes in the wall. Another option is using decals that will stick right on the wall making them easy, and affordable!


rugs for rvs

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Add a Rug or 2

Avoid a challenging DIY project of trying to change your laminate flooring and add rugs to your space.

The cold hard floor is not cozy when you're constantly on the move. Rugs can easily add color and texture to you home on wheels and help add some separation so you don't feel like you're cooking in your living room. 

Kitchen mats are awesome for added comfort while cooking, runners are great for high-traffic areas, and don't forget that every bathroom needs a bath mat! 


curtains in an rv

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Replace Valances with Curtains

Valences are one of those things that scream “RV”. To make your RV feel more like home you can easily replace them with a nice set of curtains!

Struggling to find the right length? Don’t fret, just grab some hem tape and an iron and you'll have the perfect fit every time on every window. To hang, you can you use the same lightweight and adjustable curtain rods you would use for any home. If you have a lot of windows however, putting curtains on every window might be excessive. Stick to the big main windows that will compliment your RV best. 



RV pillows and decorations

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Throw blankets and pillows

Consider your couches and beds “naked” without the added fun of fluffy pillows and blankets. Something soft to cozy up with and relax is exactly what a home is for. 

Since most RV’s come with interiors in shades of brown or gray, pillows and throws will add the perfect pop of color. This will completely change the overall look and feel of your interior without breaking the bank. If you already have pillows you love, you can just put new covers on them for a simple and easy update!


White walls in RV camper

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Paint Walls and Cabinets

Though it's a more challenging project, painting your interior can make a huge difference! Paint your cabinets and walls white to make your space feel bigger and more open. You could even pick a fun color to have your personality shine through. 

If you aren't feeling up to the task, you can even remove the wallpaper that comes in a lot of RVs. Then you have the liberty of picking something else out of your choice to replace it! Another pro tip is keep your cabinets neat and organized to feel less cluttered (which can happen fast). Check out our best kitchen hacks here!

“Home is where you park it” is now more true than ever if you try any of the tips we shared. 

Making your wheels a home starts from within, so making small changes to your interior will help you feel more at ease, which will radiate back into your home.

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