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Frequently Asked Questions

RVLock handles offer greater security and convenience for your trailer.  Heavy-duty steel locking mechanisms and channeled-wiring are conveniently consolidated directly into the comfort-grip handle.  —And, with more than 1 million secure locking combinations, RVLock gives you peace of mind when you are away.  Enjoy the ease of keyless entry.  

RVLock handles emit a signal when approaching the end of battery life, — giving you plenty of time to change the batteries. In addition, each handle comes with a set of standard keys in case you are unable to gain access via the remote or keypad

Currently, our handles fit nearly all fifth wheels, travel trailers, campers, utility trailers, many horse trailer models, and many Class C/A Motorhomes.  You can easily measure your existing handle to be sure it will be the right fit. (Click here for specifications)

The RVLock V4 and Keyless Compact handles both offer a wireless fob and keypad entrance.  While the Keyless Compact fits on the same doors the V4 fits, it is meant for special doors that have a full window entry. The Keyless Compact features a square design that differs from the V4's teardrop appearance. In addition, our Compact handle is made of a lighter weight material and has shared keypad buttons.

“Keyed Alike” is a term used by many industries to indicate that multiple locks can be opened or accessed with the same mechanical key. Keying locks alike is done for convenience. 

When locks are keyed alike, the owner only needs one mechanical key to open applicable locks. Using keyless handle features, like the remote fob or keypad does not require keying alike since keyless features can be customized to interact with locks as the customer sees fit. However, if a mechanical key is needed or used in place of the keyless features, keyed alike mechanical cylinders within the keyless locks offer the highest level of convenience.

All of RVLock Handles (keyless and mechanical) can be keyed alike. 

If multiple handles are ordered in a single transaction at, they will automatically be keyed alike for your convenience. 

If handles are bought on different occasions/transactions they will not be keyed alike. Customer service can explain keyed alike options based on your specific handle arrangement: 888-316-9899

Like most product, our handles have an optimal temperature where products are designed to perform and function correctly.  Our handles’ delta is between 32 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  We have tested and found our handles to perform as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  Obviously at this temperature the battery output is going to be the concern.  Humidity/temperature levels inside will begin to compete with humidity/temperature levels on the outside possibly causing moisture and/or ice where the two meet.  RVLock customers using their trailer in temperatures below freezing are advised to use our handles as they would any other components on their trailer that are humidity/temperature sensitive.