12 Best RV Kitchen Hacks You Need To Try Right Now

If you’ve been looking for some RV kitchen hacks and tricks you've come to the right place. The RV lifestyle is all about living minimally, but who wants to do that when you can fit it all in with just a few RV storage hacks and convenient tips-and-tricks!

We have compiled a list of our 12 favorite RV kitchen hacks that will make your RV life a whole lot easier. Getting organized in your RV is one of the biggest ways you can make your home on wheels feel more open and de-cluttered. From utilizing vertical space to making everything collapsible, your RV will be more efficient in no time!


Produce Basket

We love this idea because not only will it save space, but it also looks nice and reminds you to eat your fruit before it goes bad!

produce shelf storage


Utensil Hanger

Free up one of those drawers and display your bigger kitchen utensils along the wall. We love the look of this one and we recommend getting a matching set of utensils so it doubles as decor.

utensil hanger for your rv kitchen


Picnic Caddy

Save the back-and-forth trips from the RV to the picnic table and get this handy picnic caddy. You can load up all the necessities to and from and it also doubles are a great organizer for storage.

Picnic caddy perfect for you rv camping trip


Spray Bottle Tension Rod

This small tension rods can be put in cabinets and used for things to hang on like all you spray bottles while still leaving room underneath.

Spray bottles on tension rod in rv kitchen


Paper Plate Dispenser

This is pure genius. Not only are you saving space, but also saving yourself from doing the dishes, win-win!

Paper plate dispenser for your rv kitchen hack


Bag Organizer

You need this bag organizer for the fridge because we all know those bags of leftovers take up way too much space laying flat in the fridge.

Bag organizer for fridge rv kitchen hack


Collapsible Microwave Cover

Avoid the spaghetti splatters all over the microwave with the amazing collapsible microwave cover.

Collapsible microwave cover rv kitchen hack


Floor Dustpan

This easy upgrade allows you to turn a floor vent into a dustpan and looks so sleek!

Floor insert dustpan rv kitchen hack


Adjustable Drawer Organizer

Give every utensil a home with this expandable drawer organizer that will look custom fit to your RV.

Adjustable utensil drawer organizer rv kitchen hack


Collapsible Strainer

This strainer has expandable handles to fit over the sink and is also collapsible. You'll never make mac & cheese the same again. 

Collapsible strainer rv kitchen hack


Cork Tiles Inside Cabinets

We love this fun way to keep paper items organized. Whether it's a postcard from Mount Rushmore or the list of important contacts for the campsite, this hack will utilize that vertical space without displaying it on the fridge!

Cork board inside of cabinets rv kitchen hack


Add a Window Shelf

For all the plant lovers, adding a small window shelf above the sink of your kitchen helps those plants get the sunlight they need to thrive all while freeing up space for your scrubber and dish soap underneath. 

kitchen window shelf in rv kitchen hack


We hope you enjoyed this list of RV Kitchen hacks!

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