Tacozilla: Toyota's Retro-Inspired Camper Featuring RVLock Keyless Entry

Tacozilla, Toyota’s innovative camper concept, has captured the imaginations of adventure enthusiasts and automotive fans alike. Debuted at the 2021 SEMA Show, Tacozilla merges retro charm with modern functionality, paying homage to the classic Toyota Chinook campers of the 1970s. Among its array of impressive features, one stands out for its blend of convenience and security: the RVLock Keyless Entry handle on the door. As the creator of this cutting-edge product, RVLock is proud to be featured in Tacozilla’s remarkable design.

The Tacozilla Experience

Design and Build:

Tacozilla’s aesthetic is a nostalgic nod to the past with its bold, vintage-inspired graphics and color scheme. Built on the reliable and rugged Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport platform, the camper is designed for both style and substance. Its custom-built camper shell integrates seamlessly with the truck, offering a streamlined and aerodynamic look.

Interior Comforts:

Despite its compact size, Tacozilla boasts a fully equipped living space. Inside, you’ll find a kitchenette with a stove, sink, and refrigerator, a dining area that converts into a sleeping space, and a bathroom with a shower. The interior is a perfect blend of retro and modern, using contemporary materials to provide comfort while maintaining a vintage feel.

Off-Road Capabilities:

Tacozilla is not just about looks; it’s built for adventure. With off-road tires, lifted suspension, and the Tacoma’s proven off-road capabilities, this camper is ready to tackle tough terrains, making it an ideal choice for overlanding enthusiasts.

Tacozilla Back with RVLock handle

(image credit - Toyota Newsroom)


RVLock: Enhancing Security and Convenience

Keyless Entry:

A standout feature of Tacozilla is the inclusion of the RVLock Compact Keyless Entry Handle. This innovative product enhances the camper’s functionality by providing a secure and convenient way to access the living space. Gone are the days of fumbling for keys after a long hike or surf session; with RVLock, you can unlock your camper with the touch of a button or a simple code entry.

Why RVLock?

- Convenience: The keyless entry system simplifies access, especially when your hands are full or you're returning from an outdoor adventure.

- Security: The robust locking mechanism ensures that your camper is secure from potential intruders.

- Ease of Use: The RVLock system is user-friendly, allowing you to program your own entry code and providing a backup key for emergencies.

The Perfect Blend of Old and New

Tacozilla is a testament to Toyota’s ability to blend the nostalgia of classic designs with modern technology and convenience. The inclusion of RVLock’s keyless entry handle is a perfect example of this blend, providing the latest in security and ease of use without compromising the camper’s retro appeal.

RVLock: Proud Partner in Innovation

At RVLock, we are thrilled to see our product featured in such an exciting and groundbreaking vehicle. Tacozilla is more than just a camper; it’s a symbol of innovation and the spirit of adventure. We believe that our keyless entry handle adds significant value to this unique vehicle, making it easier for adventurers to enjoy their journeys without worrying about security or convenience.

Tacozilla showcases the best of both worlds: the charm of vintage design and the benefits of modern technology. The RVLock Keyless Entry Handle is an integral part of this innovative concept, enhancing the user experience with convenience and security.

Ready to upgrade your RV experience? Find your fit today and join the future of convenient and secure RV living.

See you on the road!


(all image credit goes to Toyota Newsroom)

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