RVLock Keyless Baggage Handle
RVLock Keyless Baggage Handle
RVLock Keyless Baggage Handle
RVLock Keyless Baggage Handle
RVLock Keyless Baggage Handle
RVLock Keyless Baggage Handle
RVLock Keyless Baggage Handle
RVLock Keyless Baggage Handle

RVLock Keyless Baggage Handle

$248.00 Sale Save

RVLock Keyless Baggage Handle

$248.00 Sale Save
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The RVLock Keyless Baggage system is the only compartment keyless solution in the world that can be keyed alike with your RVLock entry handle. Simply install our battery-powered keyless entry in place of your standard mechanical lock and control via your keypad or key fob (included). 

Our current baggage compatibility is limited, so please visit FIND YOUR FIT to verify if this product will work for you.

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Designed in Utah, USA

Premium patented products made by RVers for RVers. We take pride in being a family-owned small business headquartered in Utah.

Worry Free Warranty

Premium quality means no worries if you hit bumps on road. All RVLock™️ Keyless handles are covered by our included lifetime warranty.

30 Day Returns

We doubt you will want your keys back. In the case you do, we have you covered. If you're unhappy with your purchase, returns are easy!

Lifetime Warranty

Premium quality means no worries if you hit bumps on the road. All RVLock™️ Keyless handles are covered by our included lifetime warranty.

- Thermal Blocking Technology
- RVLock Lifetime Warranty
- Ergonomic grip design
- Premium Silicone Keypad
- Weatherproof Backlit Keypad
- Ultra-Lite Hardened Synthetic Compound
- Authentic RVLock Handle
- Silent Feature
- Unique Key Code
- Rust Proof
- QuickLock
- 10 Minute Install
- Key Alike System

- 1 Remote FOB
- 1 Custom Code Keys
- Installation Hardware
- 4 AA Batteries
- Owners Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Aaron G.
Good lock but quality control concerns

I order 1 V4 door lock and 2 baggage locks all keyed the same. What arrived was 2 V4 door locks and 1 baggage door lock plus a few extra plastic parts from neither lock that was sent to me. The team promptly sent me a replacement and corrected the issue but it didn’t leave a new customer with a good feeling that their quality control was working correctly. Installation was easy and operation of the locks seem to be working as expected also. Which is great. I purchased these to simplify my camping and also while at the house as I load and unload and keep would be thieves out and also not have to fumble with keys each time. It’s been awesome using these for that reason. My only other complaint, aside from the shipping and order issue is that the locks feel different. There is clearly a tactile difference in the keypads which again had me concerned with their quality. I notice this especially on the door lock vs the baggage locks. The door lock buttons feel great but compared to the baggage locks, the baggage lock buttons don’t feel great to push and I don’t get the same response. Even more concerning is that the two baggage locks feel different between themselves. Not sure why two exact same units would feel different to use. They keypad membranes appear to be of different manufacturer or quality. We’ll see if longer term use highlights any reliability issues as well. More consistency in your manufacturing and delivery would give me and other customers more confidence in your products and would have allowed me to give you a better review.

Hi Aaron! Thanks for reaching out! I am sorry that your order originally did not come as it should have. I will certainly pass along this information to our shipping and development teams. See ya on the road! Jake RVLock Customer Experience Associate

Allen R.
Could Have Been Good - Wasnt

To be fair. Its big, sturdy, and when installed works with other installed RVLOCKS. However it DOES NOT properly install on my 2022 Reflection baggage doors properly. The overall design of the plastic backer housing allows the lock to be overtightened to the point of damaging the door without the mounting screws feeling like they ever get more than snug. While the stock slam latch doors clearly cannot be over tightened and are designed to fit the stock Reflection doors, this cannot be said to these locks. The design allows for over tightening to the point of disforming the door. For a lock this refined I would have expected better. Without a change of design, I will not be buying for my other baggage doors.

Hi Allen! I am sorry to hear that you were disappointed. We do have a 30 day return policy on our locks so if you were not completely satisfied we would be happy to except the return and refund your money. Best, Jake RVLock Customer Experience Associate

Waste o.m.t. (Birmingham, US)
Didn’t fit

Ordered a keyless cargo lock for my RV. When it finally arrived it didn’t fit. I followed the return process and was charged $10 for the return shipment.
The website could be improved greatly so to ensure customers have a higher probability of ordering the correct product. The time I wasted was worth considerably more than $10, but I didn’t ask you to reimburse me for it.
Also the only instructions I could fine was a QR code to the RVLock website for a video wasn’t yet available.
I seen a lot of positive comments about the RVLock products people have purchased, but that was not my experience.

Johnny Y. (Lobelville, US)
Keyless baggage door lock

Ordered entry and baggage door locks for my 5th wheel and had zero issues with entry door unit so far but not too impressed with baggage door unit. Had problems with 1 of baggage door locks that required replacement and now the same problem with the replacement. Do not believe they are weatherproof and are getting wet inside, whatever problem is they are not reliable like entry door lock.

Steve H.
Keyless baggage handel

Very happy with new locks now all Baggage and compartment locks are key alike.