The 5 best Bumper-Pull Horse Trailers on the Market

When your goal is to transport one or two horses from point A to point B efficiently, a bumper-pull trailer is likely the best choice for you. In fact, many horse owners find that smaller trailers have significant advantages over larger gooseneck models on the market.

A bumper-pull is much easier to tow, costs significantly less, and gives you many more parking and storage options. For some horse owners needing to haul more than four horses or need a trailer with large living quarters, bumper pulls aren’t a viable option, and a gooseneck is the best choice.

Where bumper pull horse trailers make sense is when horse owners don’t travel far, only haul a few horses at a time, or don’t have a vehicle set up with a gooseneck hitch. Modern bumper-pull trailers are safer and better built than ever before.

Because of these advancements, bumper-pull trailers are more popular than ever before. So, we’ve put together a list of the best bumper pull trailers on the market today.


Double D Trailers Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

Bumper Pull Horse Trailers From Double D Trailers

Double D Trailers is one of the most popular and reliable brands when it comes to horse trailers. The brand has been manufacturing and selling high-quality horse trailers across a variety of segments. They have been offering a vast portfolio of horse trailers that come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and configurations. 

Double D Trailers offer Bumper Pull Horse Trailers in their vast portfolio of products. Double D Trailer Bumper Pull Horse Trailers are available in two different varieties: 

  1. Bumper Pull Slant Load Horse Trailers
  2. Bumper Pull Straight Load Horse Trailers

You can get bumper pull horse trailers from Double D Trailers that come with completely customized designs and in a variety of sizes with options to carry 1 to 4 horses at a time. 


sundowner sportman horse trailer

Sundowner’s Sportman

Sundowner has been making horse trailers for over 40 years. Their trailers are well-built, durable, and safe. Because of these popular features, Sundowner trailers have excellent resell value. We owned a Sundowner and can attest that it lived up to its reputation in every aspect.

Sundowner’s Sportman is constructed entirely of aluminum and offers 2,3, and 4-horse models. Sundowner advertises the Sportman trailer as an affordable horse trailer for today’s budget-conscious buyer.

It is a slant load with drop-down feed doors and a drop-down window. The tack room has a convenient swing-out saddle rack. The Sportman is designed to transport horses first and foremost.


featherlite horse trailer

Featherlite 7442 Horse Trailer

Featherlite Trailers are the oldest all-aluminum trailer manufacturer in the United States. The company originated in 1973 in Oklahoma when it designed its first gooseneck livestock trailers.

If you like a traditional straight-load bumper-pull trailer, then the Featherlite 7442 might be the top choice for you. Featherlite’s are well known for building lightweight trailers that tow easily.

People often comment that they don’t even feel the trailer’s weight when hauling horses in their Featherlite. The 7442 is large enough to haul draft breeds, being 7′ wide and with an inside height of 7’6″.


Logan coach crossfire horse trailer

Logan Coach Crossfire

The Logan Crossfire is an entry-level slant load trailer with a front tack room. Logan markets the “Crossfire” model as “the horse trailer for everyday life” when the bells and whistles are an afterthought.

Focusing on the basics is a smart strategy because most people shopping for bumper-pull trailers want a well-constructed and safe trailer to transport their horse, and the Crossfire delivers.

Logans are made with galvanized metal frames coated with Vortex rubber, similar to the material used to spray truck beds. This extra coating protects against corrosion from roads and animals.


Hart bumper pull horse trailer

Hart bumper-pull trailer

Hart began making horse trailers in 1968 and is still owned and operated by the Hart family.  They build a reliable, safe, and durable trailer. Hart trailers are favorites with horse trainers and long-time horse owners.

These trailers are built to last, they have smooth rounding corners, and the floor is I-beams on 6″ centers with interlocking sections. The unit’s side mainframe is a T-beam welded to the floor, and aircraft-grade aluminum is used throughout the trailer.

All openings have extra support with a welded 1/4 inch plate in certain areas, and corners are gusseted in every direction. All the additional support isn’t visible but is covered delicately with polished aluminum.

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