The Ultimate RV Christmas Gift Guide!

Our guide to the best gifts for RV owners is packed full of great RV gift ideas to help you choose the best gifts for RV campers that they will love and use every day.

All gifts on this list range is price so you can pick the best gifts for your favorite RVer according to you own budget. There is something for everyone on this list and you may even be tempted to gift something for yourself!


RVlock upgraded lock

RVLock - upgraded security

Tired of using or losing your keys? For over 10 years RVLock has developed an easy keyless solution that fits most rigs. In just 10 minutes, you can upgrade to keyless entry with a custom key code, wireless fob, and keypad security. All products come with a lifetime warranty so this really is the RV gift that keeps on giving!


Holiday sale harvest hosts

Harvest Hosts Membership

Celebrate the season with 30% off a year of unlimited overnight stays at wineries, breweries, farms, museums and more! At only $69.30 for your first year*, that gives you four free months of access to over 4000 host locations across North America! Plus you’ll have access to trip planning tools, $1500 worth of Member benefits, and unlimited overnight stays. Start a membership today and see where the road takes you. Hurry, sale ends 12/31/22! Use code HOLIDAY30 to unlock this special deal. 


shatterproof glasses

Shatterproof Glasses

To pair perfectly with your Harvest Host's membership mentioned above, shatterproof glasses are an RV must so you can keep the party going without the worry of shattering a glass and cleaning up a mess.




 rv kindle

Kindle to save space on books 

Are you shopping for an RVer who loves to read? Reading is a great way to stay occupied while driving on the road, but no one can afford the clutter of a lot of books. Kindles will free up space while also allowing them to purchase books they want to read immediately, a win-win! 


rv portable gas grill with telescope stand

Portable Gas Grill

Grilling while RVing is a must right? A portable gas grill makes a fantastic gift for an RVer, but it’s important to get one with a telescoping stand. Quite a few RV parks have signs that ask you not to put your grills on their picnic tables. This gift allows your loved one to grill without having to squat down while they are cooking, which will be much appreciated. 


RV dish towels

RV Dish Towels

Not only are these RV dish towels practical, but it also makes a really nice decor item. There are plenty of fun designs and funny quotes that all RVers can relate to. These also are a lower price point, these RV dish towels will be a great gift without breaking the bank.


RV Tool set

Tool Set

Every RVer should have a great toolset on the road with them. This toolset is also lightweight, coming in at around 5.8 pounds, which is important when deciding what to bring with you on your RV trip. The lighter the camper, the better!


RV state sticker map

State Sticker Map

A fun way to track all the states you’ve visited is with this handy State Sticker Map specifically designed for RVs. Place it on the side of your RV, camper, car, van, or even fridge in the kitchen. Get campfire conversations going.


Class A rv string lights

String Lights

There are both practical and fun reasons why camper owners love string lights and rope lights. The practical reasons? They help you see at night and they provide a little extra security if you keep them on overnight. The fun reasons? They look great and add an extra fun element to RVing.


RV zero gravity chair

Zero gravity chair

The Zero Gravity Chair can be a lifesaver after a long drive. These chairs take all the pressure off your lower back. Designed with a lockable reclining system, this chair adjusts comfortably to your body and your needs while also being easily collapsible making it perfect for tight storage. 

foot rest cushion zero gravity chair

Foot Rest Cushion for zero gravity chair

The Clever Camper Foot Rest Cushion was created out of discomfort dealing with the foot rest bar on zero gravity chairs. You should be spending plenty of time in your outdoor chair, so make that time count with a cushioned and completely comfortable experience.


national parks annual pass

Annual Pass to U.S. National Parks

This pass can save you hundreds of dollars. If you plan on going to at least two national parks within a year, this pass is worth it. An annual pass will save you stress of paying at the entry gate. Give the gift of America the Beautiful to get out and explore!


rv Andersen levelers

Andersen Levelers

If there is one RV accessory for the exterior of our travel trailer you'll be more thankful for than any other, it definitely will be these Andersen Levelers. Save hours of frustration and headache you would have with a traditional leveling system and upgrade for the holidays. 


portable ice maker

Portable Ice maker

If you have a regular-sized RV refrigerator, freezer space is just about non-existent. And if you love ice with your drinks, then a portable ice maker makes complete sense. This ice maker gives you ice in about 6 minutes and it comes highly recommended.


rv dog paw cleaner

MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

If you love traveling with pets but hate the mess, this device is a gamechanger!  The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog's paws- keeping the mess in the MudBuster and not in your RV, travel trailer, or motorhome! 


That wraps up our 2022 Ultimate RV Gift Guide. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

See you on the road!


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