How to Go RVing With Your Adult Kids

One of the best parts about having kids is being able to experience life with them. Once they grow up, a lot of things change. It’s no longer just the parents making the plans and kids following along. When you’re traveling with adult kids, more people have an opinion and more compromises need to be made. To help you plan a smooth, fun RV trip with your adult kids, here are our top tips.


1. Let Them Pick Some Plans

Planning an RV trip

In order for your adult kids to be happy with the itinerary, it’s important that everyone has a say on what to do. To avoid any conflict, include your adult kids in the planning process and ask them if there is anything on the trip that they want to do. For example, if you’re planning on exploring the northeast in your RV with them and they say that they want to visit Acadia National Park, then be sure to include it in the itinerary, if possible.

2. Allow for Down Time

RVing downtime

The key to planning a successful trip is to factor in some down time. It’s exciting to visit new places, so the temptation to pack the itinerary can be high. The thing is, this doesn’t give any space for slowing down. Plus, when you’re spending quality time with family, having downtime allows you to be more present with your loved ones. In addition, there may be activities your adult kids want to do that weren't part of the itinerary, so allowing room for spontaneous plans keeps everyone happy!

3. Be Flexible With the Plans

RV fancy dinner

If there’s one thing that’s almost always guaranteed on a road trip, it’s that plans change. Whether you miss an excursion from sitting in traffic or someone in your group is too tired to do the long hike you originally planned, it is important to be flexible on your trip. For example, if your daughter comes across a winery in California that she wants to go to instead of Joshua Tree National Park, then perhaps you can split up into two groups!

4. Stock the RV For Your Grandkids

Traveling with kids

If your grandkids are coming along, be sure to pack some roadtrip snacks, such as “ants on a log,” toys like trucks and barbie dolls, and maybe even some hiking and camping gear to keep them happy throughout the trip. This will also take some pressure off of your adult kids who are already trying to get their kids packed up for the adventure. In addition, you can include some fun activities for RVing with kids in the itinerary, such as family bike rides or arts and crafts. 

5. Take a Break From Camping

Hotel Room

If your entire family is squeezing into the RV on your trip, then it may be nice to take a break to stay at a hotel or vacation home for a night or two. Perhaps you do it to celebrate a special occasion, such as one of your adult kids’ birthdays, or in an area where there aren’t many campgrounds nearby. This will give everyone that space they may need to continue onward on the journey in the RV. Getting a hotel while visiting somewhere like San Francisco or similar would be ideal since you’ll be exploring in and around the city!

6. Pick Activities With Affordable Prices 

Mountain Bike with Scenic View

Before booking activities like biking tours, hiking excursions, or dinner reservations, be sure to check with your adults to make sure they are okay with the prices. It can be difficult to accommodate everyone’s budget when traveling with multiple people, which is why it is good to loop your kids into the financial plans. If you need some tips on budget-friendly RVing, we’ve got a guide that you can check out.

From relaxing at the campground to exploring different national parks across the country, there’s nothing like traveling with your adult kids. When a trip with your adult kids is planned right, you’re able to have an enjoyable experience with less obstacles. With so many family members in your RV at once, here are some tips on keeping your RV organized on your trip.

See you on the road!

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