What to Do in Your Down Time While RVing

Going off the grid is one of the best parts of RVing. Whether you prefer secluded, waterfront campsites or like to be by the playgrounds and pools, spending time outdoors is a relaxing experience. If you choose to camp for several days in a row, you may find yourself having some extra downtime. Perhaps you’re taking a day off from activities, such as hiking and riding side-by-sides, or you simply just want to chill. Either way, there are lots of things to do to keep you occupied when boredom sets in.

Read a Book

Reading a book outside

Camping is a great opportunity to catch up on those pages you didn’t have time to read during your work week. Grab a book or your Amazon Kindle, find a comfortable spot, and get lost in your favorite thriller or romance novel as you listen to the sounds of chirping birds and running rivers. To enhance your reading experience, lay down in a cozy hammock or sink into your favorite back-pain-friendly camping chair by the fire.

Go For a Walk

Woman hiking on a trail

Just 30 minutes of walking per day has various health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health and decreased body fat. Take a stroll through the campground with your friends or walk your dog down a short trail near your site. This’ll allow you to get to know the layout of the campground a little bit better as well.

Find a Pond, River, or Lake to Explore

Woman kayaking in a lake

Nothing beats the feeling of going for a paddle or swim on a hot day while camping. Check to see if the campground you choose to stay at offers a nearby pond, river, lake, or even a pool for activities like fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. You can even just set up a chair in front of a scenic body of water to enjoy its tranquility.

Do Yoga

Woman doing yoga

There are several ways to stay active while RVing, such as by participating in outdoor activities or performing bodyweight exercises at your campsite. If rest and rejuvenation is your priority while camping, then some stretching and yoga always feels good to do, especially if you were moving your body earlier in the day. Perform some cat-cows to stretch your back, child’s pose for tight hips, or even downward facing dog to open the back of your legs and strengthen your upper body.  

Connect with Others

Friends and family sitting around a campfire

Camping is the perfect time to converse with friends, family, or even other campers, especially if you don’t have service or a reason to be near your devices. Enjoy sitting around a cozy campfire while telling stories, sharing laughter, and snacking on some gooey s’mores. You can also connect by playing games, such as hide and seek with your kids or cornhole next to your RV!

Watch a Movie

Outdoor movie

As an RVer, you can have a movie night both indoors and outdoors with the right set up. Whether you prefer to use a projector outside to watch a horror film after sunset or want to turn on the TV in your RV for a mid-day movie break, there are options for how to watch your favorite films while camping. 

There are so many ways to enjoy your outdoor getaway and fill your time while RVing—whether you prefer some light movement or solely relaxing in your down time. We hope that this guide helped you determine what to do the next time you find yourself bored at the campground. There is no right or wrong way to camp—doing whatever makes you feel happy is the best way to RV. The whole point of RVing it to relax anyways, right?

See you on the road.

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Jeff on

Very informative . Good reading. Love to see more of this.

R Fair on

We like to travel the 2 lane highways of America whenever possible. That way we can stop in small towns with family run restaurants, grocery stores, fuel stops and small RV parks to help the local economy. The E-Ways have isolated these great local adventures that 90% of RV’ers blow right by. Obviously, this isn’t for everyone but just may be an adventure that you’ll never forget. Give it a try! God Bless!

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