7 Charming Patio Lighting Ideas for Your RV

One of the best parts of RV camping is having your home on the road with you. Because of this, your backyard is constantly changing, as are the breathtaking landscapes, which encourage you to get outside and enjoy each location as much as possible.

Sprucing up your patio space not only invites you outside every evening, but it makes you want to stay there longer. Imagine crackling fire pits, cozy drinks in hand, and scenic views surrounding you on all sides. But one addition could take the whole experience up a notch – let’s shed some light on seven charming patio lighting ideas for your RV.

Edison String Lights

edison lights

They’re probably one of the first things to come to mind when someone mentions patio lights, but Edison String Lights are popular for a reason. They’re classic and nostalgic without being dated or out-of-style. The retro-inspired Edison bulb gives the nod to the first light bulbs created by Thomas Edison, and their glow provides a soft, cozy vibe to your patio and outdoor dining areas.

Perfect for stringing from tree to tree to illuminate small areas of your yard, these string lights can also be strung up as RV awning lights. If you really want to get festive, you could opt to use color-changing Edison lights instead. Sit back and watch while the bulbs slowly transition from one color to another and transform your RV patio into the focal point of your entire campsite.


Novelty String Lights

novelty string lights

Sometimes, your RV patio needs something a little more specific. For those times, turn to a set of novelty string lights as a substitute or complement to your standard set. Novelty string lights bring more flavor and come in a wide range of options, so you can give your patio as much personality as you desire.

A few of our favorites include:


led lights

LED Light Strips

Use LED strip lights for patio lighting for a unique, customized option. They’re waterproof and can be cut to a specific length to fully illuminate your RV awning or outdoor kitchen. They come with 3M backing tape that adheres to any clean surface and makes the installation process easy and straightforward.

Not only does LED outdoor string lighting set the mood and add an ambiance to your patio, but it also provides safety and security without driving up your RV electric bill. Try an LED light strip kit that offers more than just a warm white glow. This kit goes above and beyond with a key fob remote that allows you to control and program the lights to your desired color and setting.


light up palm tree

Light Up Palm Tree

While every day feels like vacation when you’re on the road, not every destination can feel tropical – until now. Thanks to a light-up palm tree, you can recreate the breezy feeling that comes along with visiting tropical locations while sitting on your patio.

With a sturdy trunk wrapped in 60 inches of LED rope lighting and adorned with four lit PVC leaves, this palm tree light’s design will have you craving a Pina Colada, regardless of where you’re parked.


branch chandelier

DIY Branch Chandelier

Try creating a chandelier from branches and string lights for a rustic outdoor patio lighting idea. Gather some branches – the longer, the better – and form any shape you’d like. Then, secure them with a fishing line or twine.

You could create an abstract circle or something more linear. The options are endless. Once you have a shape you like, and it’s secure, weave your favorite string lights or rope lights through the branches. Finally, hang your creation from your awning and sit back under the glow of your creatively-illuminated covered patio.


When your backyard is constantly changing with the different locations you take your home on wheels, bring in a little element if home with charming patio lights. Do you have any other creative ideas? Drop them below in the comments!

See you on the road!

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Rob on

I can understand some lighting outside your RV for enjoying some social time or for enjoying an outdoor dinner, but it’s really annoying when we’re trying to enjoy the night sky and someone is inside their RV with annoying lights on outside their RV adding light pollution. So PLEASE, if you’re in a dark area, especially a dark sky park, leave your outdoor lights off so others can enjoy the night sky. And if you need to run a generator to keep outdoor lights on all night, forget about it!

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