International Travel Guide for RVers

When someone thinks about a road trip, hitting every state in the U.S. often comes to mind. There’s nothing like exploring the Grand Canyon with your family or driving through the vast wilderness landscape in Alaska. If you’ve already driven through all 50 states and are ready for something more, then consider going on an international trip. To make planning your trip a smooth and simple process, here is your go-to travel guide for road tripping in other places around the world.


Tips for International Travel

Plan Your Budget

There are many costs associated with traveling, such as booking campsites and excursions, filling up your gas tank, and eating food. To ensure you don’t overspend, you should set up a budget plan in your itinerary. One major thing to consider is the currency exchange in each country. You should be aware of how this exchange affects your budget and plan accordingly. From cooking in your camper to finding free camping spots, here are some tips for smart spending on the road.



Maintain Communication With Someone You Trust

Be sure to update someone you trust daily of your travel plans. Make them aware of where you’ll be traveling to and from, what time you plan on arriving, and anywhere you plan on stopping along the way. Also be sure to let them know of any delays or changes in your travel plans to avoid any unnecessary worry. When someone you trust is always aware of your travel plans, it gives your loved ones peace of mind and also increases your chances of getting help in an emergency situation.


Book Campgrounds in Advance

If you are traveling through an unknown place, especially in a country where you may not know the language or norms, having your accommodations booked well in advance is important. You never want to be stranded in a place that may not have cell service or where no one may be able to help you. To avoid this risk, book all of your campsites prior to your trip. You can use websites like Hipcamp and to book campgrounds. 



Best Places to Go

Whether you want to drive right over the border, ship your RV overseas, or rent a camper, there are many ways to enjoy road tripping in other countries. Here are all the best international places to bring your RV.



Amalfi Coast

Drive through the Amalfi Coast, explore the rolling hills of Tuscany, and eat the freshest bowl of pasta you’ve ever tasted. You can easily get from Tuscany to Amalfi in six hours and hit the best wineries and restaurants along the way! In addition to these amazing places, you can also taste lemons in Sorrento, hike and camp in the Dolomites, and much more.



Canadian Flag

Whether you want to cruise thorough the cities of Quebec and Montreal or explore the breathtaking scenery in Banff National Park, Canada is a great place for road tripping. It’s easier to get to than other countries since you won’t need to ship your RV or rent another type of camper. While here, eat the best maple syrup you’ve ever tasted, explore French Canadian culture, hike by glaciers and lakes, and much more. In addition, here is how to prepare to cross the Canadian border in your RV.



Iceland Road

Iceland is one of the most beautiful, remote landscapes in the entire world. While here, explore various waterfalls, such as Gullfoss Falls and Seljalandsfoss, visit the iconic Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, and swim in the Blue Lagoon before ending your trip in the famous town of Reykjavik. Most towns and villages can be accessed via Ring Road, a super scenic loop road that is 821.5 miles long.



Switzerland Roads

If you love the mountains, then taking a road trip through Switzerland is a must. While here, hike to huts in Zermatt, explore hiking trails in Interlaken, and drive the narrow and windy road known as Furka Pass, a 32-kilometer road that goes from Gletsch to Andermatt and offers incredible views of distant mountains and lively landscapes. The best time of year to go down this road is in the summer.

By planning properly, road tripping in another country is possible. There’s nothing like exploring breathtaking places beyond ones you have already experienced or seen. After exhausting your national park itineraries, it’s worth exploring somewhere beyond the borders and seas.

See you on the road!

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