Keyless FOB Tips Every RVLock Owner Should Know

We know a lot of people love using our key FOB with their RVLock Keyless handle - they really can come in handy and have some features you may not be aware of!

In this quick read - we will talk about how you can sync your RVLock FOB to our keyless entry system in the following ways:



Basic Steps For Setting up your FOB Remote

As you can see above - all RVLock FOBs come with two separate programmable buttons to lock and unlock (black and orange buttons).

The process for programming each of these buttons is the same and goes as follows:

Step 1 - Ensure RVLock is Turned ‘ON’

Step 2 - Press Fob Learn

Using a paper clip or pen, press the FOB Learn button on the back of your RVLock handle until you hear a beep.

Step 3 - Press ‘LOCK’ on Your FOB 3x

Press the lock button three times on the user preferred button (black or orange) or until you get a long beep from your handle. 

Final Step - Verify FOB is Synchronized

After completing step three, hit the lock button to ensure the deadbolt actuates. On the same colored button (black or orange) verify the unlock button retracts the deadbolt. 

Congrats! You should have successfully connected your FOB! If you are still having issues contact our support line Mon-Fri from 8 am - 3 pm MST.

Additional Options for Syncing your FOB

The two sets of ‘Lock’ and ‘Unlock’ buttons on your RVLock FOB can be customized.

For example, say you have two doors on your fifth wheel and both have an RVLock keyless system installed. For convenience you could program one remote to work all RVLock handles at once with the click of a button.

Alternatively, you may not always want to unlock the rear door when you are unlocking the main door. 

In this case, you could sync the front door to the orange set of buttons on the fob and then sync the front AND rear door to the black button set. Of course, the choice of customizing what button unlocks what is completely up to your preference.

If you want to expand your customization options, then check out our RVLock Master Interior Remote that has the ability to control 4 different zones expanding your capabilities to baggage handles and more! 

Syncing a single FOB to multiple handles

Pairing a single fob to multiple handles is simple. Follow the instructions above on how to pair your FOB and repeat those steps for every handle you would like to activate using the same FOB. Did you know that a single remote can be paired with up to 10 RVLock Keyless handles?

Sync multiple FOBs to a single handle

Every RVLock keyless handle can sync up to 10 remotes as well!

To sync multiple FOBs, please follow the basic syncing instructions above for every remote you would like to pair.

If you prefer keeping your RVLock keypad code private - you can always lend extra fobs to family or trusted neighbors so they can have access to your rig in case of emergencies. Of course, we urge discretion on who you lend your key fob to. 

In Summary

At RVLock we focus on secure, innovative solutions. Each lock has over 1 million secure rolling codes, ensuring your safety. RVLock offers easy to use upgrades to your experience in your RV, fifth wheel, or travel trailer. 

If you ever have any questions, please reach out to us at

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Charles Tindle on

If you change the key pad code on rv door lock will the fob still work

Dan on

We use one set up buttons for the door, and the other for the storage locks. We have 4 sets of keyfobs and they all work this way. Works great!

Michael Evans on

just received my order, replaced the door lock and 3 compartment locks programed three fobs to lock all locks complete install in about and hour and a half. this has to be the easiest upgrade i have made so far. i also replaced the tumbler lock on the front compartment of my grand design reflection 337rls along with the tumbler lock on my morryde storage box so that all locks now use the same key. Thanks RVLOCK so far i am very impressed.

Peggy Gitts-Hauck on

Just installed a new remote lock on our 2019 Cougar trailer. I watched the YouTube video from Go Far, Go Together blog and I have to say he walked the installation slowly and clearly step by step ….after I finished watching how easy it was to install your remote locks, I knew I could do it and I did it.
Love this product!
Thanks so much,

Robb Drellich on

my key fobs stopped working, so i replaced the batteries. they still don’t open the door. when i hit the buttons the blue light go on so i know they’re working..

Do i need to reprogram them?

PS. the pad works with the buttons.



Jerry Neuman on

It would be nice if the battery compartment had a different method instead of the little tiny screws that hold the cover on. Too easy to drop and lose especially if you have big hands

John Ford on

I purchased a keylock for my rv over a year ago and it’s working great. Good product no complaints.

John Ford
Yucaipa, CA

Galen Yoder on

Your numbers pad decals are teriable in the Arizona sun, you send me a replacement one and it already came off. GET RID OF THE CHINA GLUE and use SUPER GLUE. Galen

Lori on

I bought 2 storage compartment locks keyed the same is there a way I can get another one that is keyed the same as the 2 for a 3 rd compartment

Julie Saavedra on

Any projected release date for the keyless lock for a 2019 Thor Miramar Motorhome?

Anxiously waiting!!

Robert Cockerline on

We needed 3 fobs to work I cant find a new battery . So angry…

Thomas Clarksen on

I purchased all new boards and the membrane. I also purchased a fob. You had to send me another board because after your tech watched the video I send you it was recommended that the board was bad. Now it work some what but does not engage the bolt all the way. I need to run it twice. I am thinking the drive is weak. Can’t trust it because after testing the handle many times the door is still unlocked.

Gary Buchanan on

Only 3 years old tumbler broke and no sound.

Ardo C Holt on

Do you have a keyless lock that will fit a 2005 Fleetwood Providence 39L motorhome ?

Elizabeth Juarez on

The lock works great. Had it on are 5th wheel for 2yrs. No problem at all. Thanks RV LOCK

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