RVing Essentials for the Fall

Summer ending can be a bummer, especially if you like to camp in your RV during the warmer months; but you don’t have to pack away your weekend camping trips with your summer gear! Fall is another amazing time of year to be in nature, especially in places where fall foliage turns the landscape into beautiful colors of red, green, yellow, and orange. Plus, there’s no dealing with humidity, bugs, or large crowds of campers at the campground you choose to explore this fall.


Camping in the fall is different than the summer—the days are shorter, the nights get colder, and the temperature fluctuates and can be unpredictable. To help you plan a fun and safe RV trip during the fall, we put together this list of RVing essentials to bring with you on your trip.

A Tire Pressure Reader to Check the PSI

Tire pressure reader

Regular RV maintenance is important year round. In the fall and early winter, it is especially important to check your tire pressure since the temperature begins to fluctuate. For every 10-degree drop in temperature, tire pressure can go down one pound per square inch (PSI). Low tire pressure can cause faster wear and tear, or worse, tire failure and blowouts. You should check your tire pressure with a monitoring system prior to your trip to ensure it’s at the correct PSI before you head off into the woods.


A Camping Stove for Cooking Hot Meals

Outdoor camping stove

Get in the fall spirit by grilling Apple Chicken Sausage, heating up butternut squash soup, or boiling pumpkin raviolis at your campsite! One of the best parts about RVing is cooking and eating delicious meals with family and friends after a long day of activities—you’ll need a reliable camping stove to do so. The transition months (spring and fall) are known to be the windiest seasons, so it’s worth investing in a wind-proof camping stove to make whipping up some food a bit more enjoyable.

A Portable Fire Pit to Keep the Campsite Cozy


A campfire while RVing makes the outdoor experience 10 times better. From eating gooey s’mores with the family to having intellectual conversations with friends, a solid fire pit set up is a must. Not every campground will offer a fire pit (especially in the fall), so it’s good to have a portable fire pit handy for your outdoor getaways. A compact, propane-fueled fire pit will easily fit in your small or large RV, so you can bring it with you in the summer, fall, or whenever else you like to camp.

An Insulated Cup to Keep Your Drinks Hot

Insulated cup while camping

If you enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the early morning or tea to relax while camping, then an insulated mug will keep your drink toasty on chilly fall days. Brands like Yeti, Hydro Flask, and RTIC make high-quality insulated mugs that keep your drinks steaming for hours. If you prefer to sip on something cold, their insulation properties will keep your beverages cool and help ice last longer as well.

Layers for Warm Days and Chilly Nights

Couple cuddling under layers while camping

In the fall, be prepared for both hot and cold weather camping. With this fluctuation in temperature, having proper layers while RVing is important. A cozy flannel is great to have handy since it’s easy to put on when there’s a breeze and take off when the warm sun comes out.  Once the sun goes down, throw on a warm beanie and gloves, soft pair of sweatpants, and fleece-lined slippers. Also be sure to have some short-sleeve shirts and shorts set aside in your RV for those last-minute summer-like days in late September or early October.

A Warm, Insulated Blanket for Relaxing

Insulated blanket in the fall

Whether you’re lounging in front of a lake, cuddling up by the campfire, or trying to get a good night sleep in your RV, having an insulated blanket handy will only make your fall camping trip more comfortable. These blankets are typically made of a temperature-blocking and lightweight material that’ll keep you warm throughout the night.

Camping in the fall may require you to have some extra gear handy, but with the crisp warm air, vibrant colors all around, and busy holidays right around the corner, it’s worth the effort to get out there for some RVing fun. Don’t forget to add some fun Halloween decorations to your RV to really immerse yourself into the fall camping season as well. 

See you on the road!

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