A Deep Dive into the Harvest Hosts Product Collection

Unlock extraordinary RV camping experiences with Harvest Hosts and its family of sub-companies. Dive into Boondockers Welcome, CampersCard, Brit Stops, and CampScanner. And embrace a world of adventure!

Harvest Hosts is the ignitor of the entire movement to change the RVers experience for the better. But since Harvest Hosts launched in 2010, a lot has changed and it doesn’t seem like it is going to slow down anytime soon. They’ve grown exponentially and have become one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

So what is Harvest Hosts, how have they grown, where are they headed, and how can you be a part of this movement? Let’s take a deep dive into each of their products to find out.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is the largest, most fun, RV camping membership in North America. With a Harvest Hosts All Access Plan and a self contained vehicle, Members get to enjoy unlimited overnight stays at 8,000+ locations all over North America without any camping fees.

The Harvest Hosts locations aren’t littered parking lots or diesel filled parking lots. Members will enjoy varying alpaca farms, award winning wineries, challenging golf courses, breweries, and the potential to wake up in a field of lavender too. Harvest Hosts has made the journey compete with your end destination.

Feel Good Doing It Too

The impact Harvest Hosts has made isn’t just isolated to RVers either. They’ve essentially created a new category in RV travel that incorporates small businesses across North America—and these businesses are feeling it.

Since Harvest Hosts inception in 2010, RVers have contributed to $100 million to the participating small businesses. And to demonstrate its growth, it is expected that Harvest Hosts Members will spend a collective $50 million this year alone.

How Harvest Hosts Works

It all starts with you picking a plan. Harvest Hosts has three different plans—Harvest Hosts Classic, Harvest Hosts + Boondockers Welcome, and All Access. Each plan costs between two to four nights at a typical campground and comes with the Happy Camper Guarantee.
After selecting your plan, you’ll be able to access all of the Member Discounts, Host locations, and request stays directly on the website or intuitive app. This is when all of the fun really begins, and you can start getting creative.

If you have an end destination in mind, you’ll be able to add your directions into the app and look for Hosts along your route—and you can determine how far off route you’re willing to go. Once you find Hosts, you can simply request a stay directly inside the app. Typically, you’ll hear back within 24 hours—if not sooner—and they will give you some instructions for your arrival.

Another great way to use your Harvest Hosts Membership is to plan a themed trip. You can link several wineries together to do a wine tour of a region. Plan a food tour to educate your kiddos—and yourself—on where food comes from and different farming practices—you can often get up-close and personal with animals at many farms. Or you can do a brewery tour across America. This style of touring has become increasingly popular as people desire experiential travel.

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome offers free overnight RV parking on private properties across the continent, offering great places to stay wherever you go in North America. This company was launched as a way for the RV community to make new friends on the road.

The Boondockers Welcome Hosts are either RVers or just fans of the RV community. And it makes for a great way to learn from the locals about the region they call home. It has created people who vicariously travel through you, a great place for new RVers to learn, and inspiration for new destinations worth checking out.

What Makes Boondockers Welcome So Special

Obviously, it is the community of Hosts. It is common for RVers to jump from one Boondockers Welcome location to another and share their stories along the way. This has created a network of RVers and Hosts learning about one another through stories they’ve heard.

But another great piece to Boondockers Welcome is that 70% of Boondockers Welcome Hosts offer hookups—for a nominal donation—and plenty allow up to five night stays! This allows you to escape the crowded and noisy campgrounds, find your private spot, and connect with friendly hosts.

How Boondockers Welcome Works

Sign up for a Boondockers Welcome Plan that gives you yearly access to the 3,000+ Hosts for about the cost of one to two nights at a typical campground. From there, you’ll search the listings and arrange your stay directly in the Boondockers Welcome App. After you leave your hosts, all they ask is that you show your gratitude by leaving a review for future guests.

It really is that simple to use Boondockers Welcome.

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Brit Stops

Brit Stops is the Harvest Hosts of the UK and Ireland, offering a network of farms, shops, pubs, vineyards, restaurants, and more attractions across the United Kingdom. With a Brit Stops Membership RVers can stay overnight at 1,100+ locations without any camping fees.

Brit Stops Helps You See A New Side of the UK and Ireland

To get an authentic experience of any country or region, exploring the small business community is the best place to start. It offers unique local trends and flavor, exposes you to more than just what marketing professionals want you to see.

How Does Brit Stops Work?

With Brit Stops, you purchase a book containing 1,100+ unique locations where RVers can stay overnight in the UK and Ireland. The book includes maps, descriptions, and amenities to help you find the right host for your needs for the cost of about one night at a typical campground.

And while the Brit Stops app is currently quite limited, you can expect it to be revamped in the near future as Harvest Hosts just acquired this company on March 8, 2023.

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CampersCard is the newest discount and perks Membership for RVers across the nation. With a CampersCard Membership, you’ll get a camping discount at campgrounds, exclusive perks, and other great travel deals at high-quality campgrounds for less than a one night stay at a typical campground.

Why You Need A CampersCard

With 1,200+ campgrounds across the United States and Canada, you’re never too far away from big savings. CampersCard offers discounts on camping fees—up to 50%. These savings can quickly add up, allowing you to allocate your budget to other travel expenses.

Finding and booking campgrounds with CampersCard is almost effortless. Through their partnership with Harvest Hosts, they have an incredibly intuitive website and app that provides a seamless experience for its members.

Pair CampersCard with Harvest Hosts

If you really want to have it all, you can pair Harvest Hosts and CampersCard together. With this pairing, you’ll create lasting memories every day with less stress. Use your Harvest Hosts Membership to get from one CampersCard campground to another. With this combination, every night is guaranteed to be at some of the most beautiful places in the world.


If you’ve ever wondered how people snag those show stopping campsites, you might be in luck with CampScanner. Most of the time people need to be sitting at their computer waiting for the clock to turn over a new number, then cross their fingers and pray as they attempt to quickly book one of those sites. But with CampScanner, things are different.

CampScanner is a platform that allows you to set up alerts for campground reservation availability. With CampScanner, you can snag a reservation at sold-out campgrounds, including National Parks, based on the filters you create inside the platform.

How Does CampScanner Work?

Using CampScanner is simple. With a yearly subscription, you’ll have access to their entire database of campsites. You can create a scan by providing your desired camp dates and location. And once something opens up, you’ll be notified via text message to make your reservation.

CampScanner Can Literally Make Your Dreams Come True

For many RVers the perfect campsite does exist inside Yosemite, Zion, Banff, or one of the other amazing National Parks across North America, but the thought of getting one of those sites seems unrealistic. With CampScanner, you can absolutely make those dreams come true and it isn’t going to require hours combing through sites.

Simply sign-up with CampScanner, create your criteria, and wait. For less than the cost of one night at a campground, you get the chance to stay at your perfect site.

Join the Family

Harvest Hosts and its family of products offers a world of adventure for RV enthusiasts of all lifestyle. Whether you are looking for those dreamy campsites, top-notch resorts, a new friends backyard, or even life next to an Irish Pub. Harvest Hosts and its family of products has what you are looking for. So get started now on your next RV trip.

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