How to Make Your RV Feel More Spacious During the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, many of us think of large Christmas trees in the living room, opening lots of presents, and cooking a big holiday dinner. While this may be tradition for many, there are adventurous families out there who may opt for a holiday experience on the road. This could make for some great memories, but space immediately becomes a concern. In an RV, you can’t put up a large tree or bring multiple presents, but that doesn’t mean this type of holiday experience is impossible! Whether you’re looking to avoid the snow and escape to a warm place in your RV or simply just want to embrace the outdoors during the holidays, here is how to make your RV feel more spacious during this time.


Keep Things Small

Christmas string lights

Hanging decorations around your home and giving gifts to loved ones are exciting parts about Christmas; but while RVing, it’s better to keep these things small and simple. There are many fun and creative ways to decorate your RV while still allowing for enough space for everyone to hang out and relax. Instead of chopping down a large tree for your home, consider buying a mini Christmas tree to place on your RV’s kitchen table top. You can also hang red and green string lights over the bed or above the windows, hang a small Christmas wreath on the outside of the camper door, or light a holiday-scented candle. If you have shorter furniture in your RV, you can take advantage of the extra wall space above it to hang some decorations.

In addition to small decorations around your RV, you may want to consider giving small gifts or experiences for Christmas this year. If you are RVing with your kids, you can easily hang their stockings on the wall with goodies in them, such as gift cards and chocolate. Placing gifts on the floor may be an issue with the limited space in your RV, so instead, try surprising your loved ones with already-booked trips, reservations for a national park nearby, or a nice dinner!


Utilize Outdoor Space

Camper van outside


If you’re spending Christmas in a warmer climate, such as the Carolinas or Joshua Tree National Park, then why not plan the entire experience—from opening gifts to eating a cozy and delicious Christmas dinner—outdoors? This allows you to expand your decorations outside and create more space for celebrating. You’ll be able to get even more in the holiday spirit by hanging string lights, blowing up an inflatable Santa at your tent site, and maybe even hanging a few ornaments from the camping chairs (because why not, right?). Best of all, you’ll be able to sit around the fire with your eggnog, blast “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey on a portable speaker, and feel extra joyful when you’re spending time outdoors with your family on Christmas.


Stay Clean and Organized

Clean and organized RV


Keeping things tidy in the RV is always necessary in order to have enough living space, but it’s especially important during the holidays when there are lights everywhere, gifts, and probably some extra food and drinks in the fridge and cabinets. To begin, you can optimize the closet storage space in your RV by adding stackable bins, using vacuum-sealed bags, and installing more shelves on the walls. By storing your personal belongings away neatly, it’ll allow more room for decorations, Christmas treats, and any gifts you may have for loved ones. In addition, stay on top of small tasks to avoid clutter, such as making the bed every morning, washing the dishes right away, and keeping your clothes in your closet storage space.

What could be better than combining the experiences of Christmas and camping in one? For many families, spending the holidays on the road is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but making sure to plan the celebrations ahead, staying organized, and keeping things simple is key to having a comfortable holiday celebration. If you plan on putting away your RV for the season once Christmas is over, then you can read our quick guide to winterizing your RV as well.

See you on the road!

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