The Best RV Rain Gear to Survive the Spring

While RVing in the spring can be an exciting time, especially after a long winter season, there are natural elements that RVers must face. From bugs and mud to endless rainy days, spring camping requires proper preparation. Getting stuck in a rainstorm without coverage or waterproof boots while camping wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. To ensure you have an enjoyable, safe RVing trip this spring, here is the best RV rain gear you can get to survive the wet and muddy spring.


Waterproof Speaker

1. A Waterproof Speaker for Rainy Day Tunes

Rainy days don’t mean you need to sacrifice your favorite outdoor playlist. With the JBL Flip 5, you can play your favorite tunes no matter the weather. It’s not only waterproof, but also portable, making it a great addition to your camping gear list. Plus, 12 hours of play time means you have the entire day to listen to your favorite jams.


RV Canopy 

2. A Canopy to Keep You Covered 

Complete your outdoor setup with this canopy that will cover up to 100 square feet of ground. It’s great for protecting you from outdoor elements, such as the rain and sun, since it’s both water resistant and offers UPF 50+ UV Protection. Grab a few friends to easily set it up by pushing the center to lock it. With this canopy, you’ll be able to stay dry during cookouts and hangout sessions.


Rain Jacket

3. A Rain Jacket for Being Outside

Whether you are trying to bring everything inside your RV during a rainstorm or need to set up your canopy, you may get caught in the rain at some point. That’s why having a rain jacket handy, such as The North Face Alta Vista Jacket for men or The North Face Antora Jacket for women, is important while camping, especially in the spring. Look for a jacket that is both durable and waterproof so it can last through multiple rainstorms.


Rain boots 

4. A Pair of Rain Boots for Walking Around

When you step out of your RV while it’s raining, you’ll likely step in some mud. Grab a pair of waterproof rain boots to keep your feet comfortable and dry while walking around the campsite! The best pair of rain boots will be comfortable, waterproof, and durable to last multiple wears.



5. An Umbrella for Leaving the Campsite

Whether you need to let out the dog, grab some wood from the store, or want to move your body after a relaxing day in the camper, you should always have an umbrella handy, especially while RVing in the spring. Find one that is resistant to wind and rain, easy to open, and compact enough to fit in your RV, such as The Original Portable Travel Umbrella. It’s also a UPF 30+ Umbrella—making it great for sunny days as well!



6. An Extra Set of Towels to Keep Things Dry

Store some extra towels in your RV for when it rains so you don’t track water or mud into your camper. Plus, you can use them to dry off your gear before packing it away. Find a set of towels that come with wash cloths, hand towels, and bath towels, and that are highly absorbent so you can dry off your body and gear well.


With the right rain gear for RVing, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip on both sunny and rainy days. Don’t let the gloomy days stop you from doing everything from playing music outside to cooking a hearty, cozy meal. Plus, if you really want to stay inside, you can always play a card game with your family in your RV.

See you on the road!

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