The Best RV Accessories from Amazon!

You’ve just bought your first RV and have no idea what RV accessories you need. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on items you won’t use, so how do you know what’s essential and what isn’t? Thankfully you can get some great RV accessories on Amazon!

Amazon has all of the products on this list, so it’s easy to grab them from one place. Let’s take a look at the best RV accessories you can find on Amazon to help you decide what you’ll need for your first camping trip and beyond. 

Let’s dive in!

What Accessories Do I Need for a New RV? 

You always want to be careful buying RV Accessories. Amazon offers so many to choose from that you might get things you don’t actually need. RV influencers will suggest certain must-have RV accessories.

Recommendations are a good place to start when you first begin your camping adventures. But you’ll want more than just the must-haves once you get into the routine and start traveling farther and staying more often.

RV accessories enhance your camping life. Some are accessories you can’t camp without. Others make your experience more enjoyable and safer. Don’t buy everything you see.

Think about when you’ll use it, how often you’ll use it, and how much it will improve your camping life. Let’s look at some RV accessories Amazon has and how you’ll benefit from stocking up on these items.


The Best RV Accessories You Can Find on Amazon

Before your first camping trip, you’ll need wheel chocks, a water hose, and a sewer hose. Some items on this list, like a Garmin RV GPS or a keyless entry door handle, aren’t necessary initially but will come in handy the longer you camp.


1. RV Leveling Ramp Blocks Chock Kit

leveling blocks

These leveling blocks are easier to drive up on than the standard plastic squares or wood planks. Because of their design, your RV will simply roll forward as high as needed to get to a level position.

Making sure your RV is level is crucial when camping. If you have a propane refrigerator, you must be level to ensure proper functioning. You don’t want to be walking around or trying to sleep in an unlevel RV. Grab this kit to make leveling easier for you.


2. RV Marine Water Filter

water tank filter

The water coming into your RV pipes probably isn’t very clean. Campgrounds don’t run their water system through a filter, so it’s crucial for your health to get a water filter.

This RV Marine Water Filter accessory will reduce the bad taste and filter out harmful bacteria and sediment. Although it’s not a must-have to start camping, it should be next on your list of items to purchase. You don’t want to drink, bathe, or wash dishes in dirty water.


3. Keyless RV Entry Door Handle

RVLock for RV

Did you know that many RVs have master keys that unlock them? Dealers often have a set of keys to open multiple RVs so that employees don’t have to keep track of which key goes to which RV.

You’ll want to invest in a keyless RV entry door handle once you’ve started camping, especially before taking a long trip. Get rid of the standard lock and get one that’s safer like this RVLock.

These are also great RV accessories for people who often lose their keys, forget their keys, or lock themselves out. Simply punch in the code, and you’re in. When it comes to RV accessories on Amazon, this one is an absolute winner.


4. Garmin RV GPS

garmin gps for rv amazon

Another non-essential but nice-to-have RV accessory from Amazon is the Garmin RV GPS. If you’re only traveling down the road to your local campground several times a year, you probably don’t need this. But if you’re planning long trips to areas you’re unfamiliar with, this is quite an important addition to your RV accessories. 

Amazon features this Garmin as its “Amazon’s Choice” in handheld GPS units. An RV-specific GPS will provide information about low clearances, tunnels, and tight turns that standard car GPS devices won’t provide. It’s important to have this on hand for RVers who travel all around the country to ensure safe travel.


5. 50-Foot Drinking Water Hose

50 foot water hose

You must have a drinking water hose before your first camping trip. This 50-foot hose by Camco is a best-seller and provides the length needed for all types of campsite configurations.

Shorter hoses might not reach when the pedestal and water connection are in the rear of the site. Get a 50-foot hose, so you don’t have to worry about your hose not reaching. Having a separate drinking water hose is essential to maintain good, safe drinking water.


6. RV Water Pressure Regulator Valve

water pressure regulator

Like the water filter mentioned above, a water pressure regulator is another item that you should purchase pretty quickly. This RV accessory protects your RV’s pipes so that the pressure coming in isn’t too great.

You never know what kind of water pressure you’ll have from campground to campground, and you don’t want your pipes bursting. These aren’t very expensive compared to other RV accessories Amazon has, so go ahead and pick up one of these sooner rather than later.


7. Sewer Hose Kit

sewer hose rv trailer amazon

Another must-have accessory before your first camping trip is a sewer hose kit. The only way you can empty your tanks is by having one of these hoses. The transparent elbow helps monitor the flow to know when the tanks are about empty.

The RhinoFLEX brand is one of the best, so you can dump confidently knowing the connections are tight, and you won’t have spillage. This kit also comes with four different fitting caps so that wherever you camp, your hose will securely connect to the sewer.


8. Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support

rv sewer hose support for rv

Like the keyless RV entry door, this sewer hose support is another item you can wait to purchase after starting camping. It will make your camping experience so much better to have the sewer hose raised off the ground and sloping downward.

This ensures that the hose remains free from blockages. You don’t have to have it before your first camping trip, but you’ll want to grab this RV accessory shortly afterward.


9. Scott Rapid-Dissolving RV Toilet Paper

scott rapid dissolving

One final must-have before your first camping trip is RV toilet paper. Some newbies don’t realize that you can’t use regular toilet paper in an RV because it doesn’t dissolve rapidly. Thankfully this is one of the easiest RV accessories to get on Amazon.

Regular toilet paper has the potential to clog your pipes and get stuck in the black tank. So grab several rolls of Scott rapid-dissolving RV toilet paper before heading out.


10. Tire Pressure Management System

tpms for rv

Before you start traveling longer distances and putting a lot of miles on your RV, you’ll want to get a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). This RV accessory is another safety item.

A TPMS will monitor your tire pressure and temperature while driving down the road. The hope is that if you see a spike in temperature or a dramatic decrease in tire pressure, you can pull over before having a tire blow out.

Although they don’t prevent blowouts 100% of the time, they are certainly nice to have. This particular TPMS is “Amazon’s Choice” in RV tire pressure monitoring systems.


Get The Best RV Accessories on Amazon

Do your research to understand why you need certain RV accessories. Amazon may suggest items you don’t necessarily need. Or they may be accessories that someone who drives a Class A motorhome will use but not things that someone who tows a 25-foot travel trailer will use. 

Use this list to guide you in your decision-making, so you don’t waste time and money. These are the best RV accessories on Amazon, so you can be sure that they’ll enhance your camping experience. 


Do you have them all? Is there anything else you would add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

See you on the road!

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