Dinner Dates You Can Have in Your RV

When it comes to Valentine’s Day or date nights in general, it’s common to go on dates like seeing a new movie in theaters or going out to a nice restaurant. While these are great dates, they aren’t always an option when you’re camping or traveling on the road. If you and your significant other aren’t sure how you want to eat your romantic meal on date night, then here are five dinner date ideas to consider for Valentine’s Day and other date nights.

1. A Picnic By The Lake 

Picnic Date By A Lake

If you plan on lake camping somewhere warm this winter, then take advantage of being able to have a picnic with views of a picturesque, glistening lake in front of you. This budget-friendly date idea simply requires a basket of your favorite food and drinks and a comfortable camping blanket. Try packing things like charcuterie boards and wine, sandwiches and snacks, or even a full-course meal, such as pasta, if that is what you and your partner prefer.


2. A Romantic Meal Under String Lights

Dinner Outside RV with String Lights

If you and your significant other love going out to a five-star restaurant on Valentine’s Day, then sitting at a picnic table with lights hanging is a nice alternative. Nothing sets the mood more than hanging string lights from your RV and putting on your favorite outfit to make date night a little more dreamy. Whip up one of your favorite gourmet meals, such as mushroom risotto, and enjoy a peaceful date night. Enhance the setting even more with some rose petals and the best bottle of wine you can find at the local store. 


3. A Fiesta For Two 

Chips and Guacamole on a Picnic Table

If your significant other always wants to go to a Mexican restaurant for date night, then consider surprising them with a fiesta theme date night in the RV. From chips and salsa to tacos and margaritas, there are so many ways to make the night special with Mexican food. Spice it up by adding some fiesta party decorations and by playing some mariachi music! This type of date night is easy, fun, and delicious.


4. A Barbecue By The Fire

Barbecue by a Campfire

One of the best parts about camping is sitting around a relaxing fire. What better way to spend time with your significant other than cooking some meat and veggies over a flame? This easy date idea only requires a quick trip to the grocery store and a couple of chairs. Plus, you can end the night with some tasty s’mores!


5. A Takeout And Movie Night 

Couple watching outdoor movie

Make the most out of your date with takeout from a local sushi or pizza spot and a cozy movie night in your RV! This is a great dinner date idea for the couples who prefer to stay in, snuggle, and watch their favorite comedy or action movie with some candy and popcorn. The best part about this date is that it requires little effort and is therefore a great idea for last-minute dates.

There are so many ways to make date night special in or near your RV—whether you prefer a fancy, romantic meal or casual movie night. We hope that this guide gave you some ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day and all other date nights a special one. If you’re also looking for some easy and delicious RV meals for your date, we have an entire blog post on that as well.

See you on the road!

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