How to Deep Clean Your Rig for the Season🧼

Are you as excited as we are to get on the road this season?

Now is a great time to freshen up your rig so you’re ready for your next adventure!

Here’s our Spring Cleaning guide for your RV to ensure you’re looking and feeling prepared for your upcoming travels! 

Cleaning supplies for rv/rig


  1.  Open all the windows to let in that fresh spring air and replace the stale air from your rig being cooped up all winter.
  2.  Starting with the outside of your rig, wipe down all sides, awnings, holding tanks, and your roof (be careful!). This is a great time to check the exterior condition and to ensure nothing is damaged or leaking.
  3.  Your RVLock is one of the most frequently used surfaces on your rig. Clean it using soap and warm water on a washcloth to gently cleanse. Don’t use any hard pressure or scrubbing. For more tips to clean your RVLock checkout this post.
  4.  Empty cabinets, drawers, and compartments of anything that won’t be used this season. Consider taking everything out to completely wipe down the inside of the storage area.
  5.  Shake out cushions and wash bedding, towels, and anything else that may get left inside your rig during the winter.
  6.  Dust all inside surfaces. Tables, countertops, chairs, blinds, windows, etc. Anywhere that has dust-potential, clean it!
  7.  Take a warm rag to the exterior and interiors of your appliances. Empty your fridge to thoroughly clean each area and take out the rotating tray in your microwave and clean that too. 
  8.  Vacuum and mop the floors as this is where most dirt enters into your RV.
  9.  Disinfect your bathroom. Don’t forget the toilets and frequently used surfaces.
  10.  Prevent potential issues by performing maintenance on your engine and tires. Check that all tires are filled to proper PSI and that you don’t have any check-engine lights on.

Following these cleaning tips will have your RV feeling new and you’ll be completely prepared for your season of RV travel!

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