The Best Dog Camping Gear for RVers

One of the many joys of camping is that you can bring your pets with you. Like anything else there is a right and a wrong way of RVing with pets, so do it the right way! Maximize your pet’s levels of comfort and safety with these must have items for camping with your dog. The best part? They can all be easily purchased on Amazon!

Collapsible Dog Bowl 

Can be brought on a hike, left in the rig, or on a daily outing. These collapsible bowls make it easy to bring food and water to your dog wherever you might be. They are easy to clean up and put away while traveling.

Washable Travel Dog Bed

A necessity! This dog bed is easy to store and to wash, which will make your life so much easier. It can be used inside or outside and dries quickly after washing. 

RVLock Keyless Entry

We would be lying if we didn’t say a keyless entry is essential for traveling pet owners. In terms of safety, it reduces the chances of losing your keys and locking your pets in your trailer. In addition, a keyless RV entry helps if you need your neighbors to come take a peek at your furry friends while you are away from your site! 

Pet First Aid Kit

The pet first kit has all the essentials in case something happens to your dog while out and about. Full of everything you might need in an emergency, plus it has a travel size pouch to take on hikes, walks, or drives!

Back Seat Cover

A back seat cover will keep you worry free while traveling with your dog. Keep the fur and dirt out of your car with this hammock style cover. It is easy to clean and is simple to take in and out of your car.

Rinseroo: Slip-On Dog Wash Hose Attachment

We love the Rinseroo because it will turn any showerhead or faucet into a place where you can give your dog a bath or clean off muddy paws. It stores away easily and will help keep your dog clean while traveling.

Dog Life Jacket

If you know you’re going to be taking your dog on hikes and adventures that involve water, a lifejacket is a good idea. It keeps your dog afloat while also maintaining visibility to you as your pup plays.

Dog Boots

Protect your pup’s paws while going on walks and trails with these dog boots. This will prevent any sharp objects from harming them and can keep their paws clean from dirt and mud. Plus, they look so cute!

You will love traveling with your dog most when you do it correctly. These Amazon finds will help you do just that.

See you on the road..

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Vivian Picow on

I wanted to add another necessity to this list. For a dog of any size, a tether within a moving vehicle is essential for their safety. For larger dogs the tethers attach to the seat belts. For smaller dogs a booster seat that attaches to the car’s seat lets the dog see out while at the same time the tether attached to the booster seat keeps the dog from becoming a projectile in an accident or sudden stop.

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