How To De-Winterize Your RVLock

With the spring RVing season upon us, we are excited to get everything prepared and ready to go! Your RVLock may be ready for a little spring refresh, especially if you followed our guide on how to prep your RVLock handle for cold weather. Here are some tips to get your RVLock Keyless handle ready for your RV adventures this spring!

New batteries

Replace batteries for fresh ones, especially if you removed them for the winter season. We recommend 4 AA Duracell or Energizer alkaline batteries for the longest and most efficient battery life. Even if your handle hasn’t notified you that the batteries are running low we still recommend changing them for the start of the new season to keep your battery power high!

Inside portion of RVLock handle

Fob Switch On

If you simply turned OFF the FOB ON/OFF switch on the inside portion of your handle, your FOB remotes still should’ve stayed programmed to your RVLock handle. However, if you fully disconnected them and they are no longer receptive after you turn the switch back ON, you may need to reprogram. If you are experiencing any difficulties with programming your FOB remote, please contact our customer service and they can walk you through the programming process.



Foam Gasket

Check to make sure your foam gasket (foam between front portion of RVLock handle and your door) is sealed flush to the door to prevent any water entrance from rainy spring storms. If there are any small gaps you can add a bead of silicone to the area or contact us if you need to purchase a new foam gasket.



Grease It Up

If it feels like your spring loaded pin is catching, you can add lubricant to make it actuate more smoothly. We recommend using white lithium grease on your RVLock handle. Spray this directly into the spring loaded pin and deadbolt area. Actuate the handle by moving the red lever and the front paddle to make sure the grease goes into the area evenly.

Following these steps should keep your RVLock keyless entry handle in top condition. If you need to reprogram your number code, checkout our video tutorial here. If you’re looking for a number pad upgrade check out our new Durō silicone keypad, an upgrade that will make your handle look brand new! Read about how we decrease our risk of RV break-ins for additional ways your RVLock handle is keeping you secure.

See you on the road!

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Thank you for great spring message! It helps to have a refresher.

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