How to Turn Your RV Into The Perfect Adventure Sports Base Camp

RVs are simply great for pursuing adventure sports year-round. They’re the ultimate rolling launch pad—a home stocked with all your favorite gear and a cozy oasis at the base of your favorite mountain. Rain or shine, sun or snow, all you need to do is outfit your RV and go. Here’s how.


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Get Set-Up

Some of the best, most scenic campsites have no power. Solar panels can charge batteries just fine, but always bring a generator for backup or to run things that require more power. A lot of national parks have decibel restrictions, so make sure your generator is quiet. Honda generators are known for being the quietest on the market, but doing extra research on which generator is right for your rig. 

A dealer installed rack or carrier is great for hauling mountain bikes and can be moved from a trailer to another vehicle. Also consider getting a cartop carrier to hold additional gear such as bike helmets, fishing gear, skis, snowboards, or surfboards. 

After a day of pounding trails or rafting whitewater, relax in your favorite chair by the fire or tuck into bed with your favorite blanket. Making your campsite feel complete and ready for when you get back is a great way to recharge and recover after a long day. Have comfortable camp chairs ready to go, a portable campfire to keep you warm, and maybe some patio lanterns to set the mood right. Check out these other tips for making your RV feel more like home. 

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Come Prepared.

Once you’re finally on the road, it’s all about thinking ahead. Make a list and check it twice. Some things you should put on your checklist is checking the weather reports for travel days and the days when you’re there. Depending on your adventure sport, some require a certain climate that can be hard to drive in.

For example if you're going on a ski trip, there will be snow, which means cold temperatures, which could possibly mean you need to winterize your rig before heading out to avoid pipes freezing over. Ask your dealer how to winterize your specific rig. Or the opposite, if you are traveling somewhere very hot, you will need to plan for how you are going to keep cool. Also double check that you have all the gear you need to enjoy your sport or activity. 

If it's a longer trek to get there, plan your routes ahead of time to have peace of mind. Combine your google maps with your favorite RV friendly app to make sure your rig will be able to arrive at your destination. 

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Find The Right Spot for Your Adventures

A good camping spot gives you what you want in addition to what you need. Some folks look for full hookups and easy access to civilization. Others prefer wide-open spaces and come prepared for solitude with solar power, stored water, and a generator to boondock. Whatever your camping style, here are a few spots we love that are hard to beat in terms of their opportunities for adventure nearby:

Whistler-Blackcomb is one of the few places in North America where you can snowboard in the morning and downhill bike in the afternoon.

  • The local Riverside Camping & Resort is set up for properly heated hookups for winter camping, so you can extend your season to full year-round.
  • Rock climbing in Idaho is world-class. Boise RV Park is a great place to call home for a few days while you explore the granite playgrounds outside the capital.
  • Central Oregon mountain biking trails run for some 900 miles. There are plenty of regional campgrounds with all the amenities you’re looking for — head to the Bend area and you can’t go wrong.
  • Lake Shasta, just north of Redding, California, is an excellent spot to wakeboard, and Durango RV Resorts will make your basecamp an extra comfortable one.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you go — just that you do. Once you commit to RVing, the freedom to roam will hook you. With your own backcountry cabin on wheels along for the adventure, you’ll do more of what you want with access to more places and more fun. See you out there on the road, or under those patio lanterns.

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