Why So Many Retired Couples Choose Class A Motorhomes

People in all stages of life are jumping into the RV lifestyle. Still, one of the most common times people get into RVing is after retirement.

RVing is the perfect way to see the country, visit family, and relax through your retirement years.

Retirees often choose a Class A motorhome to be their home base on these adventures. Here are a few reasons why.

Class A Motorhomes Offer Spacious Layouts

Why So Many Retired Couples Choose Class A Motorhomes

After decades in a traditional home, it can be difficult to adjust to the size of a smaller travel trailer or Class B motorhome.

Class As are the largest motorhome class, with large living spaces and loads of storage in the “basement” areas.

This also means there’s a lot of room for friends or grandchildren to come along. Even in floor plans that are geared toward couples, there’s plenty of room to find some sleeping space for others.

What grandchild wouldn’t want to sleep on the “magic” bed that drops down over the cab?

It’s Easier to Maneuver a Motorhome Than to Tow

While they may seem intimidating, learning to drive a motorhome, even a Class A, is easier than learning to handle a large travel trailer or fifth wheel.

There’s no dealing with pivot points or turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction that you would expect. Driving a motorhome comes much more naturally than towing.

Even when you’re bringing along a toad, you’re typically only moving forward while the toad is attached. Once you get to your destination and need to finesse the motorhome into your campsite or driveway, you’ll unhitch the toad before backing up.

Large Tanks for More Camping Versatility

Class A motorhomes have the largest tanks of any motorhome. This means you can spend more time away from freshwater or sewer service.

One of the perks of RVing during retirement is the ability to travel slowly. The large tanks will let you take a couple extra days to get to your destination and explore along the way.

It’s also helpful when you’re “mooch docking” in a friend or child’s driveway.

While they can run electrical and maybe a freshwater line out to your motorhome, very few will have a sewer port for you to empty your black and gray water tanks. Spend more time with the grandchildren instead of driving over to a dump station.

Other Benefits of Class A Motorhomes

Why So Many Retired Couples Choose Class A Motorhomes

Panoramic Sightlines

The massive windshield lets you take in everything you want to see while traveling the country. There’s nothing quite like traveling in the front seats of a Class A with an unobstructed view of the landscape around you.

Luxurious Finishes and Tech

Class As are going to have the high-end finishes you’d expect in a motorhome at this price point. You’ll often get residential-grade furniture, plumbing fixtures, and cabinetry.

As far as tech, you’ll often get smartphone control of all your systems, automatic leveling jacks, and other features to make your RV experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

Solid Build Quality

The all-in-one nature of Class A motorhomes results in a solid build quality that you’ll feel as you drive down the road.

You’ll notice a lot less road noise and less chassis shake with a Class A as compared to a Class C, which is built on a van chassis.


Since the doors on Class-A motorhomes are more heavy duty and built into the design of the RV, it gives the protection of increased security. Though you have the protection of a solid door, you still need to upgrade your lock.

Locks from the factory are keyed to only a handful of keycodes for dealership convenience purposes. However this means it's more than likely someone at the campsite will have the say key as you and could walk right in!

This is why changing your locks should be one of the first things you do to your rig.


With their comfort, convenience, flexibility, and sense of community, they offer the perfect combination of luxury and adventure. So, if you're a retired couple looking for a new way to experience the world, consider hitting the road in a Class A motorhome – the journey of a lifetime awaits!

See you on the road!

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Joe Allison on

This is an excellent article for those who are on the fence, trying to decide which class to make their own. Being the owner of a fifth wheel I can emphasize with the towing and parking and backing up issues involved, and would love the ease of driving and parking a class a motorhome.

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