RVLock V4 LH Keypad Membrane

RVLock V4 LH Keypad Membrane

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RVLock V4 LH Keypad Membrane

$19.00 Sale Save

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Left Hand RVLock V4 Replacement keypad membrane

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Phil B.
Number pad membrane cracks and breaks off

Don't understand why the pad is made to fail within a year. I let them know 6 months ago and they stated that there is a new one made but because of transportation problems it'll be delayed for 2 months. I enquired again and they again stated it was right around the corner but the new pad was just a little harder to install so figured I'd just wait for it. Well, 6 months later and nothing. Wish I could attach a picture to show what a a combination lock looks like with no numbers printed on a the pad ..... it's blank !

We are so sorry you are having this problem. We do offer the replacement membrane that is super easy to replace! If you would like to reach out to us at support@rvlock.com, we would love to help get you back on the road!

Robert S.
Key Pad cracks after a year

Love the lock! However, the keypad membrane and buttons last one year. With normal use. The numbers crack, split, then fall off. This is the only downside to the overall product. If you are purchasing a new lock, do yourself a favor and pick up a couple of extra keypads upfront. I agree with others, RVLock should ship at least one extra key pad.

Kenneth M.
Key pad membrane

This lock system is great but the membrane on the key pad is a pain in the backside. We replace the membrane in less than a year after buying the camper and at that time it wasn’t replaced under warranty because, “It was normal wear.” The dealer charged me 40.00 to replace the part. After seeing how simple it is to replace, I let the dealership know how unpleased I was but as usual they didn’t seem to care. In 2020 we hardly used the camper because of Covid. We just got back from a 2 month trip and, the membrane is cracked again. I ordered two more so I’ll have a back up. The membrane is definitely the weak spot on these locks. They should last longer. I think we’ll start using the fob and key from now on.

Mark W.
Keypad Wears out

This lock is good as advertised but the keypad membrane wears out. We have had ours over 1.5 years and it has worn out from normal use. The membrane is cracking on the lock & unlock keys. We live in northern Nevada and travel to Oregon to go camping a lot. Tried to add a picture but it wont transfer to this site. Membranes are 11.99 with 5 dollars for shipping in summer of 2021. am ordering 2. We have 2 doors on our trailer and the door to the bedroom the membrane is still looking good so think using all the time has worn it out. Will try to use remote more to make it last longer. They should ship an extra membrane with every lock as they should last longer.