9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Avid Campers

With the holidays right around the corner, you’re probably already brainstorming gift ideas for family and friends. Whether you know someone who is just getting into camping or wants to add more gear to their collection, we put together this list to make the shopping process easier for you. From cozy clothing to easy-to-use gear essentials, here are eight gift ideas for the avid camper in your life.



Camping chair by water

1. A Comfortable Chair for Sitting at the Campsite

Although many campsites provide picnic tables for activities such as eating dinner, drinking coffee, and playing card games, they aren’t the most comfortable seat of choice for relaxing, especially for those with bad backs. They also aren’t in a convenient spot when it comes to cuddling up around the campfire. That is why every camper should always have a high-quality camping chair handy. Some may opt for a backpacking chair, meaning it’ll be ultralight and compact enough to carry in a backpacking pack, while others simply just need a camping chair that’s sturdy, upright, and comfortable enough to sit in for hours.



String lights

2. String Lights to Illuminate the Site After Sunset

Aside from the glow that reflects off of a campfire and from a full moon if lucky, there isn’t much light in the woods. Having string lights hanging from tree to tree not only makes the site look prettier, it also makes it easier to see. String lights are an affordable, fun gift idea for anyone who plans on hanging out outside after dark. Plus, they’re usually easy to set up and pack in with the rest of the camping gear.



Yeti Cooler

3. A Cooler to Keep Food, Well, Cool

Camping doesn’t mean that campers need to live off of granola bars and backpacking meals for multiple days in a row. In fact, with proper cooking gear and a reliable cooler, meals at the site can be made just as good as at home. For many foods to stay fresh, such as dairy products and meats, a high-quality cooler is essential. Brands like YETI and RTIC Outdoors make some solid, sturdy coolers that will keep food and drinks nice and cold over a long period of time.



portable coffee cup by a campfire

4. A Portable Coffee Maker 

One of the best parts about camping is waking up in your RV to a cup of fresh, hot coffee to get you going for the day. A coffee maker that can easily be packed and transported from home to a campground is most ideal. There are many different portable coffee maker types you can choose from, such as a french press, pour over, or brewed. If you know what kind of coffee your giftee prefers, then you can throw a bag of ground beans in there as a bonus for a complete coffee-lover’s gift!



Woman opening rvlock handle

5. A Keyless Entry Lock for RVers

For avid RVers always exploring new and unknown areas and campgrounds, getting them a keyless entry lock for their RV will offer peace of mind for their security. This lock is full metal which allows it to last in varying weather conditions. The high-quality  keypad is easy to use and is backlit for swift nighttime access. Overall, the RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle makes it easy to lock and unlock your entry door using either a key fob or the keypad.



Portable speaker

6. A Portable Speaker for Campfire Tunes

There are two things that make sitting around a campfire awesome: campfire stories and campfire music. Unlike the television shows and movies, there isn’t always a camper there with a guitar who is ready to sing their most entertaining campfire song. Most campers who like to create a good vibe will play music from a portable speaker. These speakers are easy to pack and are smaller in size, which is what makes them ideal for traveling. If you’re thinking of gifting someone with one of these speakers, look for one with a strong sound output, long battery life, and durability, such as the JBL Flip 5.



Meat and vegetables on a BBQ

7. A Grill for Those Who Love to Barbecue Meals

There’s nothing like eating a hot steak or chicken skewer fresh off the grill after a day of adventure. Not every campsite will have a built-in grill in the fire pit, so investing in a portable grill can make for an awesome gift for campers who like to go all out with their cooking. Look for a grill that is easy to ignite and clean, includes a drip tray, and is ideally lightweight and compact since the giftee will be transporting it to the campground. The best part about grilling at a campsite is it brings people together through shared foods, such as hamburgers and hotdogs.



UGG boots

8. A Pair of Shoes that are Easy to Slip On

One of the biggest reasons people like to camp is because it’s relaxing. This means that most campers will opt for comfortable clothing and shoes to walk around the site, especially after a day of wearing hiking shoes or other activity-specific footwear. Consider gifting a pair of Crocs, which became popular in the early 2000s. They’re a common shoe for campers to wear because they’re comfortable and are super easy to slip on and off. You may also consider gifting a pair of Uggs for those who like to chill in the woods during the colder months.



Girl wearing sweat set

9. A Cozy Sweatshirt and Sweatpants Set 

In addition to buying campers a comfortable pair of shoes for the holidays, you can also consider getting them a leisurely sweatshirt and sweatpants set to go with it. You’ll want to look for a set that feels soft, lightweight, breathable, and cozy so it can be worn in multiple seasons. To add a personal touch, think about this camper’s favorite color and style. Do they like cropped or oversized hoodies? Cuffed or flare at the ankle hem? No one dislikes being in comfortable clothes, so you definitely can’t go wrong with this type of gift! 



There are many products on the market for camping enthusiasts. Whether someone likes to sleep in an RV, go on a backpacking trip, or camp next to their car, there is so much gear to choose from for every type of camper. If you need more gift ideas this holiday season, check out these RV accessories from Amazon that every RVer will love.

See you on the road!

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