Essential Weather Apps for Travelers

Having a good weather app is essential for full-time and even part-time RVers. Being stuck in the eye of the storm can put you in a scary situation, and fast. Traveling in a large RV or pulling a big rig makes it even scarier as winds can catch and you can lose control easily. Here are our favorite and most accurate weather apps that will give you real-time updates.


RV or travel trailer driving on a sunny day through dense forest


My Radar has been our community’s favorite weather app. It will give you live updates while traveling and RVing. This app is useful when driving in areas you’re unfamiliar with, especially when you know there’s a storm coming through but you have to travel to your next destination. Enjoy receiving instant notifications to keep you ahead of the storm with this app.

The Weather Channel is a recently redesigned weather app that feels like your personal forecaster. You can customize which weather features are most relevant to you. It also shows you how the hourly weather will affect your skin’s health and the air quality. Plus it provides videos and articles that may be helpful to you!

Weather Live is great for a customized weather dashboard. You select which weather parameters to track and easily plan your day-to-day travel activities. This app gives you alerts for severe weather conditions in your area - and areas you choose to track. It also gives daily weather reports that provide important information.

AccuWeather has great reviews for being the most accurate weather predictor to keep you ahead of the storm. It is great for looking at the day ahead as well as helping you best plan your day’s schedule.

Weather+ is a more aesthetic and fun weather app. You’ll be able to watch beautiful video backgrounds that adjust as the weather changes in your local conditions. If you’re looking for a personalized forecast screen, this is the app for you.

A good weather app is essential no matter if you travel full-time, part-time, or if you’re just a weekend-warrior. We hope these articles were helpful and if you need more tips for cold weather camping check out our blog post here. Stay safe and alert during your travels.

See you on the road!

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