Top Amazon Products for RVers in 2024

Spring is right around the corner, meaning you’re probably starting to think about pulling your RV out of storage. After winterizing your RV for months, you’re probably eager to hit the road with your family and friends. Before you do so, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need for a successful road trip. To help with your RV checklist, we picked the top products for RVers from Amazon to make planning your trip a bit easier. Here are our favorite products you should get for your RV from Amazon.


1. A Surge Protector 

Make sure your RV’s wires and power quality are good to go with this easy-to-use GEARGO RV Surge Protector. It comes with a 50A RV Circuit Analyzer Diagnostic Chart and 9500 Joules of surge protection to catch any errors prior to hitting the road. Plus, it comes with a cover that protects it from rain, wind, and sandstorms.


2.  A Wireless Leveling System

If you’ve had a long day of driving to your campsite, then you probably don’t want to spend too much time leveling your RV.  That’s where this LevelMatePRO LogicBlue Technology Wireless RV Leveling System comes in handy. This leveling system includes a 3-axis digital accelerometer to measure the angles and height requirements for accurate leveling. Simply connect it to the LevelMatePRO app via bluetooth and level your rig right from your driver’s seat.


3. A Travel Trailer / RV Cover

Keep your RV protected in all weather conditions with this Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover. It’s UV and water resistant, as well as windproof with its extra-long strap and cross strap that makes it resist wind better. In addition, its breathable fabric keeps water from sitting under the cover. This cover is easy to set up with its weighted-buckle toss bag and its zip panels make it easy to access doors and engine spots in your RV!


RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle

4. Our V4 Keyless Entry Handle

Make sure your RV always stays secure with our top-selling V4 Keyless Entry Handle! For extra security, our handle has the option of using a key, a four to ten digit keypad code, or a  wireless key fob to unlock your RV. It’s easy to install and replaces most entry handles on campers, bumper pulls, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and some RV’s! Check out our Fit Guide to see which RVLock products will fit your rig!


RVLock handle and FOB remote

5. Our 4-Button Key Fob

Our wireless, easy-to-use Remote 4-Button Key Fob is perfect for those who don’t like to constantly search for their keys. This universal remote works with every keyless entry handle that we sell. It also comes with a keyring quick-clasp that makes it easy to hook onto your keychain.


6. A Toilet Treatment

Maintain cleanliness in your RV with this Camco RV Toilet Treatment that smells like citrus. It’s made to break down human waste and toilet paper in order to eliminate odors in your bathroom. It can even be used for boating, portable camping toilets, and boondocking.


7. Our Hasp Bar Latch

Our Hasp Bar Latch can replace any standard bar latch to add more security to your RV. This durable latch is weather-resistant and made of steel. It’s also easy to install and use, and offers an attractive design to your RV! If you currently have an RVLock entry handle you will want to purchase directly from our website so it can be keyed alike to your existing RVLock key number.


8.  A Water Pressure Regulator 

Prevent damage in your water pipes with the RVGUARD RV Water Pressure Regulator Valve. Made to filter out impurities in water, this valve will always keep water fresh in your RV plumbing system. The water pressure can easily be increased or decreased, and it’s lead-free.


After reading through these top Amazon products for your RV, we hope you’re able to get everything you need for a successful season of RVing. In addition to the products included in this guide, we have several other RVLock products available on Amazon that you may be interested in as well.

See you on the road!

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