Everything You Need to Know About Our FOB Remotes

Our FOB Remotes have been a favorite since the beginning of RVLock and are one of our most loved products. Enjoy these answers to frequently asked questions plus other information that’s just good to know!

FOB Overview

Our FOB Remote is a wireless four button remote transmitter, similar to a car fob, that locks and unlocks all of our keyless RVLock products. It is convenient, easy to use, and makes operating your upgraded handles a breeze. The slim design fits perfectly in a pocket or purse and features a handy keyring quick-clasp. Now that you have a basic overview of our FOB, let’s get started with the exciting features!

RVLock FOB Remote

Why Are There 4 Buttons?

We created our FOB remotes to have 4 buttons (two lock and two unlock) for those that have multiple keyless handles installed on their rig, whether that be 2 entry doors, or several of our storage compartment handles. Each set of lock/unlock buttons that are different colors have to be programmed separately. Those that have two doors on their rig will sometimes choose to coordinate the front door with one color and the back with the other color. While others will program both sets of buttons to unlock/lock both doors simultaneously so no matter which button is pressed they know their rig is all locked up. If you only have one door on your rig, we recommend programming both sets of buttons to your RVLock, that way you always have the assurance that it’s locked when you press either button. We also have a master interior remote if you have multiple doors and undercarriage compartments, this remote has 8 buttons to program to specific zones. If you are experiencing trouble programming your FOB remote to your RVLock handle, continue reading the next section.

Back of RVLock Handle

How Do I Sync My FOB Remote to my RVLock Handle?

Turn the switch to ‘ON’ at the back of your handle, this turns on the remote capabilities. This switch must remain ON at all times for the handle to listen for the fob frequency. 


  1. Quickly press and release the ‘FOB LEARN’ button located next to the ON/OFF switch. A short, quick beep will confirm that the handle has entered programming mode. 
  1. Press and release a ‘LOCK’ button on your remote until the handle confirms a sync with a long beep. (click 2-3 times to confirm).
  1. Finally, press the ‘LOCK/UNLOCK’ button you just programmed to confirm the successful actuation of your handle. 

Repeat steps with the other color of lock/unlock buttons to pair both sets of buttons. 

We also have a video that will walk you through it here. Our new handles have a voice that walks you through these steps as well. You can always access the written instructions and video instructions on our website.

*Helpful Tip: Make sure you are pressing directly on the unlock/lock symbol in the far corners to ensure proper engagement, pressing in the middle of the two buttons may not activate the lock or unlock process.


FOB Remote connected through belt loop

How Many FOBs Can I Program to One RVLock Handle?

This may surprise you, but you actually can program up to 10 FOB remotes to ONE RVLock handle, that’s right, 10 to 1. So each member of your family wants their own remote FOB? No problem! Now you may not want all of your friends to be able to access your rig, but family members, caretakers, or even just extra FOBs for yourself are always convenient to put in areas you use most. If you would like to purchase additional FOBs you can follow this link here.

How Far Can My FOB Remote Reach?

Our FOBs have a range of 75 feet where you can press lock/unlock and it will still engage your RVLock. Many of our customers love the convenience of unlocking their rig from their vehicle before they get out so there’s no hassle when carrying in groceries or a handful of things. Another favorite way our customers use their FOB remote is keeping it next to their bed so at night they can just press lock and know they’re safely tucked in, all from the comfort of their bed. We would love to hear the convenient ways you use your FOB in the comments below! To prevent theft, we always recommend that you stay near your rig when you press the lock button so you can hear the lock engage.

Battery replacement

Our FOB remotes have a lifespan of a few years on the same battery, talk about efficiency! However, if your FOB battery dies you can purchase an additional battery to get it running like new again. The battery size is 27A, we will link it here on Amazon or you can find this battery in most stores that sell a variety of battery sizes. If your FOB has died within a year of purchase, please submit a warranty claim and our team will get you taken care of.

Using RVLock FOB

Have any additional questions or concerns? Reach out to our customer service team at Support@RVLock.com or 888-316-9899. You can also contact our warranty team for any warranty related questions or issues.

See you on the road!

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